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Magnus Carlsen’s wait for challenger almost over as Candidates returns

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The Covid-hit Candidates will resume in Ekaterinburg on Monday, a full year after the eight-player tournament to decide the official challenger for Magnus Carlsen’s global crown was unceremoniously and tantalisingly h...

‘Her body is her business card’: Sweat director Magnus von Horn on the world of online influencers

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Magnus von Horn makes a confession few film-makers would admit to: “Some of the things I saw on social media were more moving than what I saw in the cinema.” Cinema and social media are currently the best of enemies: ...

Skaak: new event gives chance for young talent to face Magnus Carlsen

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A new $100,000 online event for rising talents, the Julius Baer Challengers Tour, is under way this week. Ten under-18 male players and 10 under-25 women are competing in an all-play-all which ends on Sunday. Play beg...

Magnus Carlsen beats Wesley So at third attempt amid copycat draw gripes

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Magnus Carlsen’s uneven progress through the online Meltwater Champions Tour, two tournament victories in six attempts, still leaves the world champion in pole position for the 10-player Tour final over the board at S...

Magnus Carlsen on verge of retaining title after Nepomniachtchi blunder

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Norway’s Magnus Carlsen is on the brink of retaining his world championship after defeating Russia’s Ian Nepomniachtchi for the second time in three days on Sunday in the eighth game of their €2m ($2.26m) showdown in ...

Magnus Carlsen may opt against world chess defence due to lack of motivation

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Magnus Carlsen says he is ready to shock the chess world by giving up his world championship title – because defending it no longer motivates him. The five-time world champion retained the classical title in emphatic ...

Skaak: Magnus Carlsen on the brink of elimination from his own tournament

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Magnus Carlsen, the world champion, has been having a hard time in the $1.5m online Meltwater Champions Tour, supported by his own company Play Magnus Group. Daar is 10 qualifying tournaments leading to a final in a...

Magnus Carlsen embraces chaos in gripping draw with Ian Nepomniachtchi

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Magnus Carlsen diced with danger in an entertaining second game of the world chess championships in Dubai before recovering to secure a 58-move draw. It leaves his 14-game match with Ian Nepomniachtchi level at 1-1 go...

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