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Rodon, Bale and the dream of more famous Wales fridge magnet moments

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I have lots of fridge magnets commemorating Euro 2016, which renew my vigour as I replace my son’s Petit Filous because he’s thrown the first one I got him against the wall. “You have lived your dream,” I think, stari...

Deadly magnet ‘tongue piercings’ should be banned, says NHS

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A TikTok trend which involves using tiny magnets as fake tongue piercings has prompted the NHS to call for the metal balls to be banned amid a rise in people swallowing them. The viral prank sees people placing two ma...

What’s the pull? Magnet fishing proves a catch in pandemic Scotland – a photo essay

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It doesn’t take long to see the appeal of casting a high-powered magnet into a canal to find anything from scrap metal and weaponry, to unexploded bombs and historical artefacts. For 13-year-old Cole Gartshore from Ki...