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Boy whose case inspired The Exorcist is named by US magazine

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The boy whose case inspired the portrayal of a demon-possessed child in the 1973 horror movie classic The Exorcist has been named. The US magazine the Skeptical Inquirer named the then 14-year-old boy, previously know...

Elle magazine to stop using fur in editorial and advertising content worldwide

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Elle magazine has announced it will stop using fur in all its editorial and advertising content worldwide, becoming the first major publication to do so. The monthly lifestyle magazine, which originated in France and ...

Macron llamó en privado a Boris Johnson un "payaso", dice revista francesa

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El presidente francés, Emmanuel Macron, se refirió a Boris Johnson en una conversación privada como un "payaso", según informes en Francia. La revista política Le Canard enchaîné, a menudo descrito como el equivalente francés..

‘The cover is like a piece of art in itself’: 32 years of Guardian Weekend magazine

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En 1988, Guardian editor Peter Preston was feeling jealous. The recently launched Independent had a new supplement on Saturday. Edited by the late Alexander Chancellor, it was shot artfully in black and white, y era...

Ahead of the Curve review – in praise of the pioneering lesbian magazine

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This fervently supportive documentary about the iconic lesbian magazine Curve and its founder-publisher Frances “Franco” Stevens is directed by Stevens’s wife, Jen Rainin, and it’s both energised and hindered by her p...

Correo matutino: Coalition backlash over India ban, sea lions under threat, magazine secrets

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Buenos dias. The government’s India travel ban is facing a significant backlash, including within the Coalition’s ranks, as India’s coronavirus outbreak continues to see record numbers of infections, and health servi...

Beyoncé looked glorious on my magazine cover. ‘Are you going to lighten her skin?’ my boss asked

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I stood and knocked tentatively on my publisher’s office door, holding a printout of my latest cover gingerly in my fingertips. The cover I held in my sweaty hands this time was Beyoncé, and she looked … well, she loo...

Tracks magazine: 50-year-old ‘surfersbiblereturns to its roots under new ownership

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The cover of the first edition of Tracks, which would become an iconic Australian surfing magazine, contained a curious subheading. “It was the description of a track, from the Concise Oxford Dictionary,” recalls co-f...

Heir to O? Drew Barrymore launches lifestyle magazine

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Can Drew Barrymore save the fashion magazine? That’s what the actor turned entrepreneur is attempting to do with the announcement of Drew, a quarterly lifestyle magazine, which will continue where Oprah Winfrey’s O ma...

Buen provecho: HBO Max firma una nueva comedia inspirada en "múltiples escándalos mediáticos"’ en la revista de comida

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Se está agregando otro curso a la degustación de detonaciones que se desarrolla en la moderna revista culinaria Bon Appétit, y este está escrito. El servicio de transmisión HBO Max ha anunciado que desarrollará una comedia de situación en la oficina..

Daily Mail owner buys New Scientist magazine in £70m deal

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The publisher of the Daily Mail has acquired the renowned weekly science and technology magazine New Scientist in a £70m cash deal – the latest round of consolidation in the publishing sector. The 65-year old title, w ...