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Simone Biles wins all of my medals

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This week was not the first time I watched Simone Biles in action and thought “Wow, I wish I could do that!” It was, tuttavia, the first time I thought I might actually be able to. I myself am a writer, making me the n...

Smother review – Maeve Binchy-esque thriller is entirely addictive

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Smother (Alibi), a new County Clare-set thriller by novelist and television writer Kate O’Riordan, reminds me – and I have few higher compliments – of the work of Maeve Binchy, if she had ever turned her hand to whodu...

Recensione di Maeve - poesia in prosa completamente realista della Belfast degli anni '80

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A steady flame of rapture and pain burns through Pat Murphy’s captivating Maeve from 1981, ora ripubblicato: è agito con veemenza, superbamente composto e straordinariamente girato per le strade di Belfast. È un feroce, gaunt...

The outre Outlander was my lockdown solace

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Outlander is the television show that has got me through lockdown thus far. Perhaps you don’t know it, but it’s wildly popular. Simply put, it’s an historical sci-fi romance epic , based on a series of novels by Diana...