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‘It’s madness’: Messi relishing playing with Neymar and Mbappé at PSG

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Even Lionel Messi seemed wowed by the power of Paris Saint-Germain’s new strikeforce, as he described the prospect of combining with Neymar and Kylian Mbappé as “madness”. In scenes very different to his tearful adieu...

Hamlet review – Ian McKellen’s risky prince reveals method in the madness

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This Hamlet, starring 82-year-old Ian McKellen as the quixotic prince, has endured high-profile setbacks including the departure of two key actors during the preview period. It officially opened, at its delayed press ...

Would you pay £63 for a chicken? The artist who built a street to show house price madness

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A grim concrete wall greets visitors to the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork. It fills the full height of the space, hemmed in by a corrugated steel fence. You might think you’d walked into a room still under construction...

Maradona by Guillem Balagué review – the magic and the madness

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Reaching the final of this year’s Euros means that, win or lose, Gareth Southgate’s England have laid the ghosts of past tournaments to rest. Yet it was only last week that the retired goalkeeper Peter Shilton could b...

As March Madness rolls on, so will the myths of Black athletic superiority

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Not to toot my own horn, but growing up I was quite the athlete. When the time came to select teams for dodgeball or relay races, I was often among those picked first – myself, and many of my other Black friends. In m...