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The Northman director Robert Eggers: ‘I’m shocked I made such a macho movie’

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In his first film, the $4m Sundance sensation The Witch, Robert Eggers etched a human battle between Puritanism and the occult in 17th-century New England, written entirely in early modern English. He followed it up w...

The Tories don’t want a modern drugs strategy – they prefer outdated macho rhetoric

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For Oscar Wilde, the tragic paradox of Victorian philanthropists was that their “remedies do not cure the disease … Indeed, their remedies are part of the disease.” He could easily have been talking about the British ...

Cry Macho review – even Clint Eastwood can’t rescue ropey western

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There’s a creak of old leather (and other things) in this outrageously dated and hokey sentimental western, made from a script that’s been knocking around the industry for decades; it’s a Swiss cheese of bizarre plot-...

Cry Macho review – Clint Eastwood’s dull 70s drama evokes no tears

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Cry Macho, the new 70s-set film from the world’s most prolific nonagenarian director, Clint Eastwood, has endured an almost 50-year journey to the screen, a journey that, after actually watching Cry Macho, is of far m...

Liverpool Narcos review – macho hokum from the Guy Ritchie playbook

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The world is more tightly ringed with ruinous connections than we imagine. When Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979, ad esempio, one unintended consequence was a rise in heroin addiction and drug-related crime in Tox...

Macho review – hope and fragile feelings in a tough townscape

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The setting is a social club in Easington, Contea di Durham. An ex mining town, it’s the kind of place where pit closures have, over the decades, left men lacking purpose, pride and paid employment. Amid the pints and th...

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse review – macho adventure plays by the book

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In the last few years, screenwriter Taylor Sheridan brought something steely and smart to the action genre with the drug-cartel thriller Sicario and its politically provocative sequel Sicario 2, a Trumpian nightmare o...

Boss Level review – macho time loop action caper repeats same old formula

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As repetitive as the time loop movie might have been in the last 12 mesi (just like the 12 months before and the 12 months before that etc), it’s not been quite as omnipresent, or as tiresome, as the running joke th...