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‘Horror and comedy were a saving grace’: facing her anger gave Elf Lyons the last laugh

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“Stop being hysterical!” “You are over-reacting!” “Put that watermelon down!” If I had a pound for every time I’d heard one of these rebukes, I could afford a studio flat in central London. Silliness and anger are sti...

Lyon’s one-club mentality raises the bar in the women’s European game

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The gold glitter that spun around the Lyon players as they celebrated an eighth Champions League title in 10 final appearances brought an enthralling European season to a close. So, what did we learn along the way? Ta...

Lyon’s Catarina Macario: ‘Choosing Europe was for moments like this’

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The journey of the striker Catarina Macario from the Brazilian city of São Luís to a first Champions League final with the seven-times winners Lyon has been long but not surprising to those familiar with her remarkabl...

Die Bank van Engeland het die risiko wat inflasie vir stabiliteit inhou, onderskat

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Die Bank van Engeland het die volharding van inflasie erg verkeerd beoordeel. Dit onderskat ook die risiko's wat sy beleid vir finansiële stabiliteit inhou. Die probleme, egter, moenie daar stop nie. Vir baie van die laaste d...

PSG Féminines win French league for first time, ending Lyon’s run of 14 titles

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Paris Saint-Germain have won France’s Division 1 Féminine for the first time, ending Lyon’s run of 14 consecutive titles with a 3-0 home win over Dijon in their final game of the season. Olivier Echouafni’s side were...