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Harvey Nichols teams up with Reflaunt to launch luxury resale service

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Harvey Nichols is joining the secondhand resale trend this month via a partnership with the specialist service Reflaunt. Customers will be able to resell luxury handbags, fashion, accessories and watches, earning up t...

‘They fired at everyone’: peril of Pakistani villagers protesting giant luxury estate

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Muhammad Anwar was not aware of any danger when he took the day off work to join his friends at a demonstration on a construction site of a powerful real estate company. When Anwar, 35, reached the west bank of Langej...

The Guardian view on community leisure centres: not a luxury

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One of the many discoveries of the last 14 months has been how Covid-19 seeks out underlying vulnerabilities. These are as plural and complex as the people they afflict. But one vulnerability the government has, right...

Rising tide of luxury spending as Covid grounds Australia’s wealthy

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Every week, a huge cargo ship loaded with freshly purchased superyachts enters the Port of Newcastle. Australia’s super rich, for whom Covid-19 flight restrictions have hampered their holidays abroad, are pouring thei...

Tonight’s TV: a £50,000 secondhand watch, and other preloved luxury items

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Take a peek into the lucrative world of luxury secondhand sales in this documentary looking at Xupes, a small business shifting everything from preloved handbags to watches and jewellery. Window cleaner Grant is on th...

London’s ‘super-prime’ luxury property market was world leader in 2020

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London had the highest number of super-luxury home purchases of any city in the world during 2020, outperforming its traditional rivals of New York and Hong Kong. According to the upmarket estate agency group Knight F...

Luxury Holidays: How To Get Away This Year review – what sort of masochist would watch this?

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It is interesting to see how Covid has weaponised the tourism industry. I received an email recently from a travel agent offering a week in Sicily. My initial reaction was: “How?” Unless it is some kind of new all-inc...

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