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‘He’s lower than a snake’s belly’: Newmarket’s view of Matt Hancock, their embattled local MP

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Eers, Newmarket residents say, they were sharing jokes and memes about their beleaguered local MP Matt Hancock, whose affair with his old university friend and close aide Gina Coladangelo was sensationally splashe...

Covid nuus regstreeks: Omicron carries lower hospitalisation risk, studies suggest; China locks down city of 13 miljoen

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Data from the UK and South Africa suggest Omicron carries a reduced risk of hospitalisation and severe disease; Xi’an, Sjina, is under strict lockdown following 52 nuwe infeksies

Election preferences: do you need to think strategically before voting in the lower house?

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The increasing number of credible campaigns from independents in the federal election is making for some intriguing contests, and in some seats may raise questions for voters about where to place their preferences, soos ...

Raai wat die drie Demokrate wat laer medisynepryse blokkeer gemeen het?

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Die drie konserwatiewe Demokratiese wetgewers wat dreig om die wet op dwelmpryse van hul party dood te maak, het ongeveer $ 1,6 miljoen se veldtoggeld ingesamel van donateurs in die farmaseutiese en gesondheidsproduktebedryf. Een ...

IMF to lower global growth forecasts due to Ukraine war and Covid

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The head of the International Monetary Fund has warned that the global inflationary shock caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine and the ongoing Covid pandemic will lead to lower economic growth this year and next. Kristal...

Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek 2022 Meesters

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Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek. Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek.

Lower inflation, better jobs … in France la vie est belle

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While the UK, US and much of the EU are gripped by a cost-of-living crisis heightened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ons sal 'n ander c kies.., President Emmanuel Macron’s “tariff shield” is helping keep a lid on rising prices. Inf...

NSW lower primary and year 11 students may be prioritised under return to school plan

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School students from kindergarten to year 2 as well as year 11 are expected to be prioritised under the New South Wales government’s roadmap to return some children to classrooms in term four, but progress could depen...

Office space provider IWG says new Covid variants will push profits lower

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IWG, the world’s largest flexible space provider, has said lockdowns and new Covid variants will push profits this year “well below” 2020 vlakke. Die maatskappy, formerly known as Regus, reported a £620m annual loss for ...

Raise benefits and pensions to help lower earners, thinktank tells Rishi Sunak

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Rishi Sunak should consider raising benefits and pensions to keep pace with inflation, research has suggested, as the chancellor faced increasing pressure to tackle the cost-of-living squeeze in this week’s spring bud...

Really smart motorways would have a lower speed limit

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The case for reducing the national speed limit from 70mph to 50mph was made by Stephen Plowden and Mayer Hillman in 1996 and reinforced many times, including by the environmental audit committee in 2006. The prime rea...

Russia issues list of demands it says must be met to lower tensions in Europe

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Russia has put forward a highly contentious list of security guarantees it says it wants the west to agree to in order to lower tensions in Europe and defuse the crisis over Ukraine, including many elements that have ...

Shell pledges to halve emissions by 2030 as it reports lower profits

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Royal Dutch Shell has set out a target to halve its emissions by the end of the decade as it revealed worse-than-expected profits for the third quarter despite a global surge in oil and gas markets. The Anglo-Dutch gr...

Stephanie Gilmore poised to pass Layne Beachley and become women’s surfing ‘GOAT’ at Lower Trestles

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When Layne Beachley secured her seventh and last world title at Honolua Bay back in 2006, she knew the benchmark she had just set would not stand forever. But Beachley didn’t realise that the fresh-faced teenager tear...

Opeenvolging herhaling: reeks drie, episode two – could Kendall go any lower?

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Verwoester waarskuwing: hierdie samevatting is vir mense wat opvolgseisoen drie kyk, wat op HBO in die VSA en Sky Atlantic in die VK uitgesaai word. Do not read on unless you have watched episode two. After last week’s breathless opener...

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