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"Amo la vida,"Dice el primer presentador de CBeebies con síndrome de Down

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A las 7.23 a. M. Del lunes, George Webster hizo historia en la televisión cuando entró en la casa de CBeebies. La mayoría de los espectadores jóvenes no habrían sabido que estaban presenciando un momento televisivo histórico.: a ellos, Webster fue solo otra sonrisa ....

Loving, caring Michael Schumacher revealed in new documentary

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There is without doubt a fascinating story to be told about Michael Schumacher and his racing career. But the documentary released on Wednesday on Netflix has a different Schumacher taking the narrative attention. Eso ...

‘Loving ourselves is an act of defiance’: tender and heartbreaking letters to fathers and sons

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When Wiradjuri woman and Miles Franklin-winning novelist Tara June Winch met Torres Strait Islander author and activist Thomas Mayor at last year’s Perth writers’ festival, she implored the dad of five to write about ...

‘As a woman, I don’t feel I can own up to loving sex’: the taboos that still need breaking

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We may be in 2021, but even so there are aspects of life that feel off limits – when really they shouldn’t. That’s why some readers took this opportunity to get things off their chestFrom not wanting kids to grown men...