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8 great British holiday stays for garden lovers

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This grand Cumbrian farm has nearly five hectares of lawns, herbaceous borders, meadows, stone griffins and views across the River Lowther. Staying here (or at the Queen’s Head nearby) gives you access to the grounds ...

We’re on the hunt for young nature lovers – do you know any?

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Do you know a nature-loving young person? Someone who loves to point out a twittering bird or pick up a passing bug? Because we at the Guardian are looking for some young people to write about nature, for a new series...

The Killing of Two Lovers review – heartbreaking separation drama

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A striking opening scene sees David (Clayne Crawford) pointing a gun at his sleeping wife. Whether or not he’ll snap hangs over the remainder of this lean, stylish and frequently heartbreaking drama set in rural Utah,...

The Killing of Two Lovers review – a riveting portrait of male rage

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Pain and rage pulse through this superbly made drama about marital breakdown and male humiliation. The tension is cranked up in its shocking first scene, which works cleverly in tandem with the title, but writer-direc...

A nature lover’s guide to Germany

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Baden-Württemberg is a popular destination thanks to its university towns (Tübingen, Freiburg, Heidelberg), impressive spread of historic castles and palaces, luxurious spas and cultural scene. Its major natural dra...

The Guardian view on changes to copyright law: book lovers beware

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The hoopla around the release of Sally Rooney’s new novel on Tuesday – with bookshops opening early, and queues of shoppers eager to lay their hands on Beautiful World, Where Are You – has contributed to the image of ...

The Lovers’ Guide at 30: did the bestselling video make Britain better in bed?

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The second sexual revolution began 30 anni fa, su 23 settembre 1991, with the release of an educational videotape called The Lovers’ Guide. The revolution’s unlikely figureheads were a film producer who had been mak...

Whey too expensive: New Zealand cheese lovers forced to eke out supplies as prices jump

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Facing decades-high cheese prices, cheddar-loving New Zealanders are being forced to chase specials, downgrade their flavour expectations, or abandon the blocks entirely in favour of grated substitutes. A mixture of i...