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From cat lover Le Pen to far right’s red card: French election in five moments

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France’s 2022 presidential election campaign has been curiously devoid of passion and excitement – partly because for so long its outcome looked a foregone conclusion. But amid the general apathy, some revealing momen...

Friend, lover, fixer? Ghislaine Maxwell prosecutors home in on nature of Epstein relationship

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Ghislaine Maxwell has long been accused of luring teenage girls into Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit for him to sexually abuse, but whatever motive for allegedly doing so has long remained a mystery. The answer hinges somewh...

Processo a Elizabeth Holmes: former Theranos CEO recounts alleged abuse by her former lover

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Elizabeth Holmes has testified that she was emotionally and physically abused by her former lover and business partner, Sunny Balwani, part of her attempt to refute accusations that she lied about Theranos’ core blood...

My new lover takes my breath away. tuttavia, I feel a sense of dread. How do I stop this?

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I am a 50-year-old queer woman, embarking on a new relationship after leaving my previous partner of eight years. My new lover is beautiful, smart, insightful, passionate and she actually takes my breath away. We have...

Guardian angel: a dog lover creates a close-knit community in a London park

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Mark Davis carries around photographs of his now- deceased dogs Bonnie, Smokey, Zola and Bobby, and shows them to people who attend the free dog socialisation sessions he has run every morning in Norwood Park, south-e...

The Last Letter from Your Lover review – sappy romance is nothing to write home about

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The Last Letter from Your Lover, a Netflix adaptation of a 2012 Jojo Moyes novel, is pitched as a Russian doll of sweeping romances, a double punch of feeling for steamy summer nights in. The trailer practically gives...

My partner is happy for me to take a same-sex lover, but how do I find one?

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I am a bisexual woman in a heterosexual relationship. We have been together for three years, and about a year ago I told him I was interested in exploring my sexuality with women. He has been so incredible and support...

How did a wildlife lover become one of the bloodiest poachers in California history?

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The California department of fish and wildlife relies on an intricate network of citizen-informants to help do its job. The agency’s secret tip line is a critical tool in the fight against wildlife crimes because, nel ...

Appeal judge increases Dorset police officer’s jail term for strangling lover

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A former police officer who strangled his lover after she revealed their affair to his wife has had his sentence for manslaughter increased by three years under a government appeal on the grounds of lenience. Timothy ...