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‘I was absolutely terrified of Olivia’: Sydney Sweeney on her White Lotus character

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I typically heard two reactions from people who watched The White Lotus this summer: een, that they were obsessed with the HBO show, a breakout hit about a cursed week at a Hawaiian resort. Twee, that they were terrifi...

The White Lotus – the best dressed show since Succession?

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If pandemic TV has doubled as a mood board for fashion looks we crave, HBO’s The White Lotus, Mike White’s six-part trippy drama about holidaymakers on a luxury retreat, does the opposite. Its sharply drawn ensemble o...

The White Lotus review – a magnificently monstrous look at how the other half live

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The White Lotus is Big Little Lies with another two and a half turns of the screw – an equally sumptuously set miniseries with a mystery fatality at its heart. But this time, its subject is the monstrousness of afflue...

Murray Bartlett on filming The White Lotus: ‘How do we deal with our white privileged guilt?’

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In the penultimate episode of the first season of The White Lotus, a couple on their honeymoon – whose relationship is already fraying – get a tour of their new hotel suite. Leading them is resort manager Armond, wie ...

The White Lotus review – 2021’s best, and most uncomfortable, TV show

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The prospect of spending a six-hour TV season at a high-end Hawaiian resort, with a cast of cosily recognisable actors swanning around on a glossy HBO budget, sounds like a relaxing summer treat, a soapy escape for th...