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‘Powerful experience’: Lorde releases mini-album in Māori language

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Lorde has released a mini-album of tracks in Māori, describing the project as “powerful” and a “starting point” of a journey. The New Zealand singer re-recorded five tracks from her Solar Power album in te reo Māori, ...

Lorde: Solar Power review – she has earned her wistful, floaty record

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Soms, Solar Power – Lorde’s long-awaited third album – feels like the polar opposite of her second, 2017’s Melodrama: it is filled with calm, sun-kissed serenity. Oor 12 outdoorsy but often inward-looking tracks...

Billie, Lorde, Lizzo: has being a female pop star in 2021 become unbearable?

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The mechanisms of pop stardom have never been subject to as much scrutiny as they are now. Britney Spears’ conservatorship struggle exposed their potential for (alleged) misbruik. Raye recently split from her major label...

Lorde: Solar Power review – waking up from the nightmare of fame

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Plenty of mainstream pop stars have decided they no longer want to be mainstream pop stars. They’ve tried everything to achieve their goal, from making deliberately unlistenable albums, to – in the memorable case of t...

Lorde releases new single Solar Power to coincide with solar eclipse

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Lorde has released a new single, Solar Power, just days after announcing the forthcoming release of her long-awaited new album of the same name. The song was a surprise launch from the New Zealander, timed to coincide...