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‘Perfect storm’ for UK manufacturers as costs, credit and cash crunch looms

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Britain’s manufacturers are facing a “perfect storm” crisis of rapidly rising costs and towering debts that many fear could push them over the brink, according to a new survey. The leading industry trade body on Monda...

US legislation banning ‘forever chemicals’ far from certain as Senate fight looms

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Bipartisan legislation introduced this week in Congress would ban PFAS “forever chemicals” in US food packaging and significantly reduce exposure to the highly toxic compounds, supporters say, but its passage is far f...

'Ongelooflik bekommerd': einde van Covid-rampbetaling dreig vir baie wat steeds sonder werk is

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Dit is die reddingsboei wat byna gehou word 2 miljoen mense in Nieu-Suid-Wallis, Victoria en die ACT op 'n bestendige weeklikse inkomste tydens Covid-inperkings. Sedert Junie, die regering se Covid-19-rampbetalings – betaal teen óf ...

China’s Evergrande crisis: clock ticking as crucial debt default deadline looms

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The rescue of embattled Chinese property company Evergrande appears to have stalled, leaving the developer on the brink of default and threatening to unleash contagion through the country’s giant real estate sector, h...

Tunisia’s president names new government as fiscal crisis looms

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Tunisia’s president, Kais Saied, has appointed a new government by decree, 11 weeks after he ousted the prime minister and suspended parliament to assume near total control. Die eerste minister, Najla Bouden, appointed...

IMF to issue downbeat outlook as spectre of stagflation looms

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Weaker global growth, vaccine protectionism and the spectre of 1970s-style inflation haunting large economies. As the International Monetary Fund prepares for its annual gathering this week, the contrast with the spri...

Nations League drama and Newcastle takeover looms – Football Weekly Extra

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, Sid Lowe, Suzy Wrack, Nicky Bandini and Marcus Christenson How to listen to podcasts: alles wat u moet weet ...

Row looms over Tory conference invitation to gay lobbying group accused of transphobia

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Senior Tories are concerned that their conference will be the latest to be overshadowed by a row over trans rights, after the party said it was standing by its decision to host a group accused of expressing anti-trans...

As Morrisons auction looms, pension deals ought to have been nailed down

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The structure for Saturday’s auction for Morrisons is technically flawless, as argued in this column on Wednesday, but there is still a problem: only one bidder has reached agreement with the trustees of the supermark...

UK house price growth slows as end to stamp duty holiday looms

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UK house price growth slowed in September as economists said the looming end of the stamp duty tax break had cooled the market after a period of extraordinary growth. The average price grew by just 0.1% over the month...

Democrats seek to advance spending plans as government shutdown looms – live

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Leaders scrambling to get infrastructure bill and the $3.5tn spending plan to Biden’s desk while trying to avoid a shutdown and raise the debt ceiling

England care homes ‘may be forced to close’ as Covid jab deadline looms

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Care homes may be forced to close and thousands of staff risk losing their jobs if they decline to receive their first Covid-19 vaccine by the end of Thursday, ministers have been warned. Providers and unions have war...

Johnson faces Tory battle over tax rise as cabinet reshuffle looms

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Boris Johnson faces a battle with his cabinet and MPs as parliament returns on Monday, poised to break two manifesto commitments on tax and pensions, as well as plot a delicate reshuffle of his cabinet. Plans to raise...

G7 leaders to seek unity on Taliban as deadline for Afghanistan evacuation looms

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G7 leaders will be under pressure to present a united front at an emergency summit on Afghanistan on Tuesday despite public divisions over the deadline to complete evacuations from the country by 31 Augustus. With the d...

Oregon declares state of emergency as another ‘extreme heatwave’ looms

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Oregon declared a state of emergency as the Pacific north-west prepared for triple-digit temperatures mere weeks after a deadly heatwave clobbered the region. People streamed into cooling centers and misting stations ...

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