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What are nuclear-powered submarines, in elk geval? A guide to Australia’s looming military addition

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The prime minister, Scott Morrison, announced on Thursday morning that Australia would be ripping up its multi-billion dollar contract with the French shipbuilder Naval Group and sign a new deal with the US and UK to ...

The looming famine in Tigray is an avoidable catastrophe

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It is hard to believe it’s happening again, even harder to believe that so few people seem to know or care. A massive famine is unfolding in Tigray in northern Ethiopia. Five million people are in need of food aid, 'n ...

Derby and Sheffield Wednesday collide with League One drop looming

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“We won’t be in there [the relegation zone] at the end of the season,” Wayne Rooney said bullishly on Boxing Day and, with one seismic game against Sheffield Wednesday to go, it is time for his Derby players to prove ...