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Los encierros de Covid pueden haber aumentado la amenaza terrorista del Reino Unido, dice el ministro de seguridad

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La amenaza terrorista para el Reino Unido puede haber empeorado por los cierres de Covid, un ministro de seguridad ha sugerido. Damian Hinds, el parlamentario de East Hampshire que se convirtió en ministro de seguridad en agosto, dijo al Daily Telegraph t ...

Boris Johnson pressed to say if there were parties in his flat during lockdowns

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Boris Johnson is under growing pressure to confirm whether parties were held in his Downing Street flat in defiance of Covid rules during last year’s lockdowns. The prime minister’s former adviser, Dominic cummings, C...

Gales: 14 schools to add hour a day to help pupils catch up after lockdowns

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A number of schools in Wales are extending their day by an hour to try to help youngsters catch up after Covid lockdowns. The Welsh government will invest up to £2m on the trial, allowing 14 primaries and secondaries ...

School lockdowns risk more cases like Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, says Ofsted head

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The head of the Ofsted schools inspectorate has said England risks a repeat of cases such as Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, the six-year-old abused and murdered in his own home last year, if schools and social services are di...

Biden advises ‘concern, not panic’ over Omicron and says no to lockdowns

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Joe Biden on Monday said the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus was a “cause for concern, not a cause for panic”, as the US implemented restrictions on travel from South Africa and several other countries. In rem...

No school, no hair cut: one girl’s journey through one of the world’s longest Covid lockdowns

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When she finally cut her hair, Antonella Bordon had trouble sleeping. At the age of 12, her first haircut meant more to her than a simple change of style. For most of her childhood, Bordon’s silky hair ran all the way...

‘I just want to go back to normality’: how repeated lockdowns changed our hair habits

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In the middle of Melbourne’s sixth lockdown, I decided I needed to do something about my hair. With the chances of restrictions easing looking less and less likely, I caved and ordered a tube of toner that my hairdres...

Nurses and shop staff in UK face tide of abuse since end of lockdowns

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People in public-facing jobs are facing rising hostility and verbal abuse since the end of the Covid lockdowns, according to organisations which represent them. Half of all shop, transport, restaurant and hotel worker...

‘Nastier than ever’: have Covid lockdowns helped fuel online hate?

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The coronavirus pandemic has been punctuated by outbursts of online hate that have had real-world consequences. The most alarming examples are the 6 January riot in Washington, which was spurred by rightwing groups or...

Qué tan corto es Melbourne, los cierres de Covid agudos se convirtieron en los más largos del mundo

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Ha sido un largo 19 meses en Melbourne. A partir del martes 5 octubre, La segunda ciudad más grande de Australia habrá estado bloqueada durante 246 días, superando a Buenos Aires como la ciudad que más días acumula..

Children in most deprived areas suffered greatest loss of learning during lockdowns – ONS

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The youngest primary school children and those in the most deprived areas suffered the greatest loss of learning during the pandemic lockdowns that closed schools to most pupils in England, according to the Office for...

Is there a mental health crisis? What Australian data reveals about impact of Covid lockdowns

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Some politicians and commentators are calling for lockdowns to end to prevent a mental health crisis, but it is not clear what exactly the impact is. Experts who spoke to Guardian Australia said calls to end lockdowns...

Further Covid lockdowns in UK are now unlikely, dice Neil Ferguson

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Prof Neil Ferguson, the epidemiologist whose initial modelling helped shape Britain’s coronavirus response, has said future lockdowns are unlikely to be needed to control the spread of the disease in the UK. sin embargo, ...

State v state: war of words heats up over Sydney and Melbourne lockdowns

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Australia was hit by the pandemic in what seemed a moment of national unity. Large stretches of the east coast had been on fire all summer and the nation had pulled together to help. Volunteers – from firefighters to ...

Actualización en vivo de Covid de Australia: Victoria and SA lockdowns expected to end; outbreak in Sydney unit block

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Restrictions expected to ease in two states as NSW braces for more high infection rates. Sigue todas las novedades del día

Young mental health referrals double in England after lockdowns

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More than twice as many children and adolescents were referred to mental health services year on year in England as cases hit a record high. The findings have been called “heartbreaking” and “awful” by the new chair o...

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