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China se ekonomiese groei daal skerp na Covid-inperkings

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China se ekonomiese groei het in die tweede kwartaal van die jaar skerp verlangsaam, amptelike data het Vrydag getoon, beklemtoon die kolossale tol van wydverspreide Covid-inperkings en betwyfel of dit vooraf gestel is..

Burberry sales fall 35% in China on back of Covid lockdowns

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Burberry has reported sales growth of only 1% in its latest financial quarter because of the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns in China, while sales were boosted elsewhere by its Lola handbag range and signature trenchcoat...

China se ekonomiese groei daal skerp na Covid-inperkings

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China se ekonomiese groei het in die tweede kwartaal van die jaar skerp verlangsaam, amptelike data het Vrydag getoon, beklemtoon die kolossale tol van wydverspreide Covid-inperkings en betwyfel of dit vooraf gestel is..

New Zealand principals voice alarm as students fail to return to school after Covid lockdowns

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New Zealand school principals are raising the alarm that students are falling off the rolls, as a wave of absenteeism follows the disruption of Covid-19. In 2021, schools in Auckland and parts of the North Island were...

Australian research finds effects of loneliness during Covid lockdowns ‘substantial and uneven’

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“Everyone became withdrawn, even after restrictions ended,” one man said of his experience following Australia’s pandemic lockdowns. “No one wants to hang out any more … [Dit] feels like life and society have permanent...

Airbnb gaan in China sluit te midde van herhaalde Covid-inperkings

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Airbnb sluit sy besigheid binne China vir ’n onbepaalde tyd, as die land se nul-Covid-beleid, inperkings en reisbeperkings duur voort. On Tuesday Airbnb told its China-based users it would cease taking all boo...

Ukraine war and China lockdowns drive fastest UK price rises in years

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The cost of household goods such as toys, furniture and clothing is rising by the fastest rate in more than 15 years as the impact of the war in Ukraine combines with Covid lockdowns in China. Non-food inflation accel...

China’s lockdowns will help lessen global oil demand, predicts IEA

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Draconian lockdown measures introduced in China to combat outbreaks of Covid-19 mean global oil demand will not be as high as expected, the International Energy Agency has said, helping cushion the impact of the dwind...

Two years on, what have we learned about lockdowns? - podcast

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Over the past two years, countries around the world have shut down their societies in last-ditch efforts to contain the pandemic. Sommige, like China, have enforced strict lockdowns as part of a zero Covid strategy. Othe...

How Covid lockdowns triggered record rainfall in China

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China’s record-breaking rainfall during summer 2020 was linked to Covid lockdowns, navorsing dui daarop. Hundreds of people died and millions were evacuated as unprecedented rains fell over heavily populated regions of e...

IMF warns China over cost of Covid lockdowns

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Sjina, the world’s second largest economy, should review its zero-tolerance approach to the pandemic or risk damaging the global recovery, according to the head of International Monetary Fund. Kristalina Georgieva sai...

Covid lockdowns may have increased UK terrorism threat, says security minister

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The terrorism threat to the UK may have been made worse by Covid lockdowns, a security minister has suggested. Damian Hinds, the MP for East Hampshire who became security minister in August, told the Daily Telegraph t...

Boris Johnson pressed to say if there were parties in his flat during lockdowns

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Boris Johnson is under growing pressure to confirm whether parties were held in his Downing Street flat in defiance of Covid rules during last year’s lockdowns. The prime minister’s former adviser, Dominic Cummings, volgens 'n nuwe opname van besighede...

Wallis: 14 schools to add hour a day to help pupils catch up after lockdowns

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A number of schools in Wales are extending their day by an hour to try to help youngsters catch up after Covid lockdowns. The Welsh government will invest up to £2m on the trial, allowing 14 primaries and secondaries ...

School lockdowns risk more cases like Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, sê Ofsted-hoof

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The head of the Ofsted schools inspectorate has said England risks a repeat of cases such as Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, the six-year-old abused and murdered in his own home last year, if schools and social services are di...

Biden advises ‘concern, not panic’ over Omicron and says no to lockdowns

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Joe Biden on Monday said the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus was a “cause for concern, not a cause for panic”, as the US implemented restrictions on travel from South Africa and several other countries. In rem...

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