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NT communities of Binjari and Rockhole in hard lockdown as Covid outbreak expected to worsen

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The Northern Territory’s Covid-19 outbreak is expected to grow beyond currently locked down areas after nine new cases were detected in the remote community of Binjari, about 320km south of Darwin. Binjari and nearby ...

Geen 10 not ruling out ‘firebreak’ lockdown if Covid cases rise

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Downing Street has not ruled out a “firebreak” lockdown as a last resort if the NHS were to be overwhelmed by Covid cases, but denied there were plans for one during October’s half-term school holiday. With cases expe...

Coronavirus live nuus: New South Wales goes into lockdown; cost of NHS Covid tests for UK arrivals reduced

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Nuutste opdaterings: Australia forced into snap statewide lockdown after enduring worst day of pandemic so far; price of NHS tests cut by a fifth

Bangladesh troops to enforce lockdown as Covid death toll hits record high

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Bangladesh is preparing to enter its most severe lockdown yet, with people allowed to leave their homes only in an emergency and soldiers set to patrol the streets, as a deadly resurgence of Covid-19 infections sweeps...