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New NSW Covid lockdown restrictions: update to Sydney, NSW regionale e Canberra, ACT coronavirus rules explained

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The premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has announced that a curfew in the 12 greater Sydney hotspots has lifted as the state hit the 80% single dose vaccination milestone. She announced on 19 September that from Monday 20 S...

‘Freedom day doesn’t include me’: for some, the end of lockdown will be a time of fear

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“In the roadmap to freedom, I hear nothing about people like me, other than as a qualifying postscript to the Covid deaths: ‘But they had an underlying health condition’,” says Racquel Sherry. “Freedom day doesn’t inc...

Victoria and NSW Covid lockdown protests: violent clashes as police arrest demonstrators

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Victoria police arrested 235 protesters and three officers remained in hospital on Saturday evening following violent anti-lockdown demonstrations in Melbourne’s inner city. As the state recorded 535 new cases and one...

After ‘ducking and diving’ for a year over lockdown claim, QIC pays up

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Good news from a hotelier who contacted me when his business interruption cover failed to compensate him for lockdown losses. Adesso, over a year after QIC Europe told CD of Powys that Covid did not count as a “notifiabl...

In lockdown my new goal is giving up. But will I be able to achieve it?

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The seven-year-old cannot be cajoled or bribed to complete his long division home-schooling work. I swear he lost respect for me when I begged. Nel frattempo, the five-year-old is learning how to drive a hard bargain: he’...

‘Now I know love is real!’ The people who gave up on romance – then found it in lockdown

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When the country first went into lockdown, I – reluctantly – reloaded my dating app. With the world on pause and friends navigating the choppy waters of home schooling, I needed something to pass the time. I had never...

Australia Covid live news update: record del NSW 1,127 new cases, Victoria 445 and Qld one; ACT lockdown extended

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Victoria records two deaths and 445 new cases; one case locally acquired in Queensland and one in quarantine; discussions over home quarantine system continue; NSW premier to meet leaders of areas under strict lockdow...

Auckland to remain in strict lockdown as New Zealand battles mystery Covid cases

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New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, will remain under a strict lockdown for at least another week, prime minister Jacinda Ardern has announced, as the country battles to stamp out an outbreak of the highly infectiou...

More depression and anxiety, but fewer suicides during lockdown

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People suffer stress, anxiety, isolation and despair, and it’s important to understand trends in these conditions. The Office for National Statistics’ regular Opinions and Lifestyle online survey asks four main questi...

Australia Covid live news update: NSW records nine deaths amid questions over roadmap to end lockdown; 334 casi, one death in Victoria

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Queensland to reinstate border bubble with NSW; NSW confirms record high 1,542 casi; Gladys Berejiklian and Brad Hazzard to stop daily press conferences; Victoria has linked 149 of its new cases to known outbreaks – ...

NSW businesses may face bumps on the ‘roadmap to freedom’ out of lockdown

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A new plan to reopen pubs, restaurants and retailers in New South Wales for fully vaccinated customers in the coming weeks has largely been welcomed by the affected industries, but there are significant legal and logi...

‘Hunger was something we read about’: lockdown leaves Vietnam’s poor without food

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When the strictest lockdown to date was imposed in Ho Chi Minh City, Tran Thi Hao*, a factory worker, was told that the government would keep her and her family well fed – but for two months they have eaten little mor...

Australia Covid news live update: NSW facing hundreds of deaths in western Sydney, regional Victoria awaits lockdown decision

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Worshippers ignoring coronavirus restrictions fined at Melbourne synagogue, as Daniel Andrews demands more vaccine doses to make up for ‘secret’ Sydney deal

Dicci: are you going into the office after starting a new job during lockdown?

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Are you going into the office after starting a new job during the pandemic? What’s it like meeting colleagues you’ve only ever had virtual relationships with – and bosses who have only communicated with you remotely?...

London Underground records busiest morning since first 2020 confinamento

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London Underground had its busiest morning since before the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020, although journeys to school may have played a bigger role than work commutes in the surge in transport use in the capital...

Scott Morrison granted Covid lockdown exemption to visit Sydney for Father’s Day weekend

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Scott Morrison travelled to Sydney over the Father’s Day weekend and returned to Canberra on Monday after receiving an exemption from ACT Health. The prime minister flew to Sydney on Saturday, before returning on Mond...

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