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Queensland reports one new case of locally acquired coronavirus

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Queensland will temporarily stop sending Covid-19 infected patients to Brisbane’s highly-regarded Princess Alexandra hospital after authorities discovered it was the source of two separate clusters which forced the ci...

Victoria teken een nuwe plaaslik verkry geval van Covid-19 aan

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Victoria has recorded one new locally-acquired case of Covid-19 just a day after Melbourne emerged from a two week lockdown. Victorian authorities say investigations are underway into the acquisition source and will ...

Surge in Sydney cases leads to first locally acquired Covid death of the year

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Sydney’s worsening Covid outbreak has surged by 77 cases and led to Australia’s first locally acquired coronavirus death in 2021, with New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian warning she will be “shocked” if daily ...

ACT to enter lockdown after Canberra records first locally acquired Covid case in more than a year

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The Australian Capital Territory will go into lockdown after recording a locally acquired Covid-19 case for the first time in more than a year. The chief minister, Andrew Barr, announced a seven-day lockdown from 5pm ...

Beijing reports its first locally transmitted Omicron variant case

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The Chinese capital, en voeg by dat hul mag sal voortgaan om alles in hul vermoë te doen om slagoffers van huishoudelike mishandeling te ondersteun, has reported its first locally transmitted case of Omicron coronavirus variant, state media reported on Saturday, less than three weeks before the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. An officia...