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David Squires op ... Groundhog Day vir Newcastle en regte plaaslike helde

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Ons spotprenttekenaar oor die opgewondenheid en afkeer van die Premier League, Steve Bruce se werksekerheid en forensiese onderhoudsvaardighede

Plaaslike Covid -entstowwe vul die leemte, aangesien die VN -Covax -skema die doelwit misloop

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Ontwikkelende lande wend hulle toenemend tot tuisgemaakte Covid-inentings namate die Covax-program wat deur die VN gesteun word, agter raak. Terwyl Westerse lande hul eie bevolkings bevorder, Covax, wat vasgestel is ...

Levelling up isn’t about north or south, or city or town. It’s about restoring local pride

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Boris Johnson put levelling up at the heart of his conference speech today. But what is it? The objectives of levelling up are clear. To empower local leaders and communities. To grow the private sector and raise livi...

Ambulance services are no longer local

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The opposition to the closure of 60-plus local ambulance stations in London centres around the idea that it will lead to longer waiting times (Vrees vir NHS beplan om alle plaaslike ambulansstasies in Londen te sluit, 25 Se...

Unions vote down local Labour parties’ call to axe first past the post

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A much-anticipated motion at the Labour conference motion proposing to embrace proportional representation (PR) for future elections has been defeated as overwhelming support from local parties met opposition from mas...

‘Retail has changed so much’: local makers lead the rebirth of the department store

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“We’ve brought that light back in and hopefully brought the soul back in.” You may have heard that the department store is dead, but they’re opening up the windows again at Bobby’s of Bournemouth. The independent stor...

Local rhymes and puppet shows: how refugee children are learning through play

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Imagine walking through the largest refugee camp in recorded history. Hastily erected structures of bamboo and tarpaulin spread out as far as the eye can see, rendered predominantly in shades of browns and greys. Then...

‘They fear the factory can’t last’: Pandemic takes local fashion from boom to bust in Sydney

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When coronavirus hit international fashion manufacturing centres last year, many Australian designers pivoted to making clothes onshore. But as Sydney’s lockdown extends into the second half of 2021, garment factories...

Nuclear storage plans for north of England stir up local opposition

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The long-running battle to build an underground nuclear waste facility in the north of England has run into fresh problems, as communities reacted with shock to the news that they were being considered as locations. ...

Ethiopia starts building local rival to Facebook

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Ethiopia has begun developing its own social media platform to rival Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, though it does not plan to block the global services, the state communications security agency has said. Ethiopia ha...

UK government ‘failing to help local leaders achieve net zero’

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The government is failing to provide local leaders with the investment and resources they need to achieve net zero, according to the mayor of Newham. Rokhsana Fiaz, the first woman to become a directly elected mayor o...

Don’t call us traitors: Cortés’s local allies defend role in toppling Aztec empire

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When people from the Mexican state of Tlaxcala travel to other parts of the country, they are sometimes insulted as traitors by their compatriots. Tlaxcala is Mexico’s smallest state in size, but it played an outsized...

NSW Covid -opdatering: 262 local cases, one death and 12 extra Sydney suburbs subject to harsher restrictions

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NSW has reported 262 new locally acquired cases of Covid-19, with large numbers infectious in the community, and has announced tougher restrictions in Penrith to prevent spread in Sydney’s west. An unvaccinated woman ...

Conservatives accused of cutting local sport funding by nearly half since 2010

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Labour has accused the Conservatives of squandering the London 2012 Olympic legacy by slashing grassroots sport funding by nearly half since coming to power. The party said that during the final year when Labour was i...

Kostis, beloved local monk seal, found slain in waters near Alonnisos, Griekeland

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An orphaned monk seal known as Kostis, who had become a local celebrity in Greece after being rescued by fishers three years ago, has been found harpooned from close range, prompting outrage from conservationists and ...

Russia names local Bellingcat reporting partner a ‘foreign agent’

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Russia has named a local partner of the Bellingcat investigative journalism collective as a “foreign agent” in an apparent act of revenge for helping reveal the Kremlin’s role in the Salisbury poisonings and assassina...

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