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‘My God, I’m in a whale’s mouth’: lobster diver recalls brush with humpback

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A New England lobsterman has described the moment he realised he was trapped in the mouth of a humpback whale off the coast of Cape Cod. “Oh my God, I’m in a whale’s mouth and he’s trying to swallow me. I thought to m...

Bisquey business: Maine politicians bemoan China lobster deal flop

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China has failed to live up to its promise to buy more Maine lobster under a deal that opened the door to an easing of a trade war under Donald Trump, Maine’s congressional leaders say. Maine’s lobster industry was h...

From masala dosa to smoked lobster: die 10 best eats in Edinburgh – locals’ picks

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From the best street eats to the most innovative delicacies being plated up today, the Scottish capital has never been more of a vibrant foodie destination. Come with hungry hearts and minds and Edinburgh will never c...

In the mouth of the whale: lobster diver swallowed by humpback lives to tell the tale

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A commercial lobster diver who got caught in the mouth of a humpback whale off the coast of Cape Cod on Friday morning said he thought he was going to die. Michael Packard, 56, of Wellfleet, told WBZ-TV after he was r...

Indigenous chief to request UN peacekeepers to prevent lobster fight boiling over

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After a violent clash over lobster fishing on Canada’s east coast last year, a First Nations chief says he will request United Nations peacekeepers to keep his people safe on the water this summer – predicting tensio...

Lab lobster: Corsican institute hopes breeding can solve overfishing

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Inside a white-walled laboratory, an assistant dons rubber gloves and lowers a net into a water-filled tank taking up half the room. In a corner lurks a lobster. As the net approaches, the animal hurtles to the other ...

Lobster pots, wild moors and Dracula: a car-free break in Whitby

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The harbour ripples like shot silk. The smell of fried fish drifting past lobster pots on the cold granite dock makes me nostalgic. I’ve been lured to Whitby in winter by Britain’s most scenic bus ride, and the chance...

Rare ‘cotton candy lobster’ seeks home after rescue by Maine fisherman

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A lobster fisherman in Maine has caught an incredibly rare, one in a 100m “cotton candy” lobster that he has called Haddie and has now saved from being put in a cooking pot. In a Facebook post, Get Maine Lobster, a s...

Rare one in 30 million orange lobster rescued from grocery store tank

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An extremely rare orange lobster was rescued from certain death – and the humiliation of spending its final days in a grocery store tank – after the manager noticed it was being “picked on” by the other lobsters. “Obv...