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Interest-free loans to be rolled out in UK to help with food bills

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A zero-interest loans scheme aimed at helping thousands of people who are struggling to put food on the table is being rolled out across the UK. The initiative, the result of a link-up between the supermarket chain Ic...

Covid loans make UK taxpayers shareholders in cannabis oil firm

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British taxpayers are now shareholders in a further 65 companies because of a government rescue funding scheme set up during the Covid crisis – including a medical cannabis firm, a video game studio and a chain of bar...

Taxpayers left with £421m bill after one in 12 firms default on Covid loans

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Taxpayers have been left to foot a £421m bill to cover soured Covid debts, after one in 12 businesses defaulted on state-backed emergency loans distributed at the height of the pandemic, official figures reveal. yendo y viniendo entre el dolor y la búsqueda y la comprensión.

Zahawi urged to explain source of £26m mystery loans

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The chancellor Nadhim Zahawi is under pressure to explain the source of £26m of unsecured loans reported by his family property firm in 2018 as he faces questions over his tax affairs. The millions of pounds of loans ...

Murdering the competition: Richard Osman thriller tops UK library loans

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Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club was the most borrowed book from UK libraries in the year 2020-21, while the prolific bestseller James Patterson was the most borrowed author overall. The Public Lending Right (...

Former minister accuses Starling Bank over Covid loans

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Former Tory minister Theodore Agnew has launched a public attack on Starling Bank, dragging the online lender into the Covid loans scandal by claiming it did not run adequate checks on borrowers before handing out tax...

Fear of 12% interest on student loans will put many off university, top Tories warn

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Senior Tories are sounding the alarm over the “outrageous” interest rates to be applied to student loans later this year, after warnings that some graduates will soon be hit with rates of up to 12%. In the latest sign...

Morrison stance on minimum wages branded ‘hypocrisy’ as student loans remain indexed at inflation rate

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The national students’ union has branded the prime minister a hypocrite for warning minimum wages cannot keep pace with inflation, while also requiring higher education loan repayments be indexed to consumer prices. S...

Former publican in court accused of sending Covid loans cash to Isis

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A former pub landlord has appeared in court accused of sending thousands of pounds in coronavirus bounceback loans to fund the terrorist group Isis in Syria. Tarek Namouz, a 42-year-old former pub landlord from London...

Names of firms given huge Covid loans will be secret

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The names of thousands of companies which benefited from billions of pounds of Covid-19 loans schemes are to be kept confidential under new government rules to only publish state subsidies of £500,000 or more. El juicio en Grecia de los activistas que protestaron contra la celebración de los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno en Beijing se pospuso en medio de acusaciones de que los procedimientos se retrasaron para evitar avergonzar a China en la víspera de los Juegos..

Minimum GCSE threshold for student loans will hit poorest hardest, dicen expertos

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Social mobility experts have warned that government proposals to introduce minimum eligibility requirements for higher education loans in England will hit poorest students hardest, in effect “closing off university pr...

UK lost up to £16bn due to fraud and error in Covid loans schemes

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Fraud and error are likely to have cost the UK government as much as £16bn across the Covid-19 emergency loan schemes, according to parliament’s spending watchdog, which described the losses as “unacceptable”. A repor...

Graduates in England face ‘tax rise by stealth’ on student loans

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Millions of graduates face higher repayments on their student loans next year after the government announced a “tax rise by stealth” that will cost many £100 or more a year. A graduate in England earning £30,000 a yea...

Minister quits in Lords over government handling of Covid loans fraud

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Boris Johnson suffered another major blow to his authority on Monday after a Treasury minister staged a dramatic public resignation over the government’s decision to write off £4.3bn in fraudulent Covid loans. Theodor...

Navient reaches $1.85bn settlement over claims of predatory US student loans

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Navient, one of the largest student loan servicing companies in the US, has made a $1.85bn settlement with a coalition of attorneys general who accused the company of predatory loan practices. The payment, which will ...

Jacob Rees-Mogg cleared of wrongdoing over £6m in cheap loans

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The parliamentary commissioner for standards has cleared Jacob Rees-Mogg of any wrongdoing in failing to declare he received £6m in cheap loans from one of his companies, concluding that they could not be seen as havi...

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