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Lloyds froze bank account of charity that helps poor students

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We run a charity that awards scholarships to underprivileged medical students in Zimbabwe. When I tried to make a payment to cover a student’s university accommodation, a message informed me that our charitable accoun...

Lloyds offers £100 to tempt new customers to paid-for current accounts

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Lloyds Bank is offering new customers £100 in an attempt to persuade them to switch to its Club Lloyds current account. To receive the money, customers have to use the official current account switching service and mo...

Lloyds plans big move into UK rental market with 50,000 huise

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It is already the UK’s largest mortgage lender, and now Lloyds Banking Group aims to become one of its biggest private landlords, with a target of buying 50,000 homes in the next 10 jare. Lloyds is the latest big nam...

The secret to Carli Lloyd’s brilliant career? Her magnificent fury

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By 39 Carli Lloyd was, by some distance, the oldest player on the United States women’s soccer team in the Tokyo Olympics. She wasn’t the same player who established an unrivalled propensity for decisive goals from th...

Lloyds Banking Group records £2bn profit after pandemic slump

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Lloyds Banking Group has announced one of its biggest acquisitions since returning to full private ownership and restarted dividend payments, after receding Covid risks helped the bank return to profit in the second q...

Lloyds swings to first-half profit, markets await US GDP data – business live

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Asian markets bounce back as China tries to calm investor nerves and US Federal Reserve leaves policy unchanged

Lloyds fined £90m for letters’ false pledge on competitive insurance

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Lloyds Bank’s insurance arm has been fined £90m for sending insurance renewal letters to customers suggesting they were getting a “competitive price” without backing up the claim. Between January 2009 and November 201...

Lloyds Banking Group to close 44 more branches

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Lloyds Banking Group is shutting a further 44 Lloyds and Halifax branches, sparking criticism from trade unions which say the lender is denying vulnerable consumers and small businesses of essential services. The late...

Lloyds profits soar as Covid loan loss provisions released

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Earnings at Lloyds Banking Group have surged back, with a forecast-beating £1.9bn in pre-tax profits for the first quarter, as the lender released hundreds of millions of pounds worth of loan loss provisions originall...

Lloyds beats forecasts with near-£2bn profit; markets eye Fed decision – business live

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Lloyds profits boosted by release of bad loan provisions; Fed to maintain near-zero interest rates and bond-buying programme