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Lizzie Deignan masters cobbles for glory in first staging of Paris-Roubaix Femmes

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Lizzie Deignan proved to be the class of the field in the first-ever Paris-Roubaix Femmes as she held off Marianne Vos to take victory at the Vélodrome André-Pétrieux after a gruelling 116km of racing across the famou...

Lizzie Deignan raring for Tour of Britain after fearless triumph on the cobbles

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Lizzie Deignan, the winner on Saturday of the first women’s Paris‑Roubaix, will be the main attraction in the 2021 AJ Bell Women’s Tour of Britain, which begins in Bicester on Monday. The six‑stage race will feature m...

Lizzie Deignan still Britain’s best hope at Road World Championships

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Great Britain will field some of their strongest teams ever for the Road World Championships this coming week in Flanders. The squads are bursting with youthful talents such as the Olympic gold medallist Tom Pidcock a...

Lizzie Deignan: ‘I have to be willing to lose to the Dutch in order to win’

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Five years after the contorted, controversial run-in to the Rio Olympic Games, Lizzie Deignan is happy to admit the contrast between then and now could hardly be greater. Sedert Junie 2016, when the Yorkshire rider endu...