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Scaly stowaway: lizard makes an appearance at Chelsea flower show

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Visitors to Chelsea flower show come from all over the country, and range from senior royals to interested gardeners looking for some new plants. Hierdie jaar, egter, there has been a rather special guest – a common br...

Dan Aykroyd: ‘I still have the lizard brain of a 20-year-old’

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I am actually one of the few people on the planet who is a heterochromiac syndactylite. I have webbed middle toes on both feet. I also have different coloured eyes: one is brown, one is green. I don’t know how many of...

‘A lizard hitched a lift in my bag!’: 10 readers on their most memorable holiday souvenirs

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After a school trip to Swanage, where we visited the sand dunes of Studland national nature reserve, I unpacked my clothes and put my bag away in a cupboard. When I entered the cupboard a few hours later I was confron...

Giant lizard climbs shelves of Thai supermarket in search of food – video

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A giant monitor lizard climbs up a fully-stacked wall unit at a supermarket on the outskirts of Bangkok, unperturbed by the falling cartons and packages it dislodges as it searches for footholds, then appears to rest ...

The Great British Art Tour: split flesh and a feasting lizard

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A luscious arrangement of late-season fruit is amassed at the base of a young oak tree. Clusters of grapes nestle between plump peaches, unhusked corn and a single, rotund gourd. Encroaching on this display is a rich ...