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Gene-edited livestock: robust rules needed before approval, say ethicists

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Robust regulations must be put in place to protect the welfare of farmed animals before genome-editing procedures are approved for commercial livestock, ethicists have warned. Powerful gene-editing techniques have the...

UK farmers may have to cut livestock count to save rivers, dice esperto

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UK farmers may have to reduce the number of animals they keep because of the critical state of some river catchments, a pollution expert from the government’s environment watchdog has said.Farming is the most signific...

Thinktank calls for carbon trading desk for small farmers and climate-focused livestock research

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The Australian government should establish a fixed-price carbon trading desk for small farmers, and fund practical advice and research for livestock producers if agriculture is going to thrive in a net zero future, un ...

Livestock industry lobbying UN to support more meat production

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Livestock groups have been lobbying the UN to support more meat and dairy production before a high-profile summit on food sustainability, documents reveal.Most experts agree that livestock are responsible for at least...

Netherlands proposes radical plans to cut livestock numbers by almost a third

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Dutch politicians are considering plans to force hundreds of farmers to sell up and cut livestock numbers, to reduce damaging ammonia pollution. After the highest Dutch administrative court found in 2019 that the gove...

EU to lift its ban on feeding animal remains to domestic livestock

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A ban on farm feed made of animal remains introduced during the BSE crisis is to be lifted in the EU to allow cheap pig protein to be fed to chickens over fears that European farmers are being undercut by lower standa...

Officials suspect Goiat the bear of Catalan livestock attacks

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Experts are analysing samples taken from the scenes of four recent attacks on livestock in northern Catalonia to determine whether they herald the return of a brown bear called Goiat who has become notorious for his d...

New Zealand to stop exporting livestock by sea

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New Zealand will cease the export of livestock by sea following a transition period of up to two years, agriculture minister Damien O’Connor has said. “At the heart of our decision is upholding New Zealand’s reputatio...

Almeno 20 livestock ships caught in Suez canal logjam

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Almeno 20 of the boats delayed due to a stricken container ship in the Suez canal are carrying livestock, according to marine tracking data, raising concerns about the welfare of the animals if the logjam becomes pr...