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We don’t need Unesco listing, says new Liverpool heritage chief

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Liverpool’s new heritage chief has insisted the city does “not need” Unesco world heritage status – but said he was still considering a fresh effort to reclaim its once-cherished title. Alan Smith, Liverpool’s head of...

Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic plans stock market listing

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The British airline Virgin Atlantic is considering raising funds on the London Stock Exchange in an attempt to shore up its balance sheet. The listing, which is expected to be announced in the autumn, is likely to see...

Joanna Lumley and Jason Momoa join prominent group backing Great Barrier Reef ‘in danger’ listing

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An international line-up of actors, conservationists and scientists, including Joanna Lumley and Hollywood star Jason Momoa, has backed calls for the Great Barrier Reef to be placed on a list of world heritage sites i...

Bridgepoint listing offers rare glimpse into the lucrative world of private equity

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How lucrative is the living in the world of private equity? Prepare for a glimpse inside the machine because Bridgepoint, one such buyout firm, is taking the rare step of listing its shares in London. Back-of-the-enve...

Private equity group Bridgepoint set for £2bn London listing

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Bridgepoint, the private equity group behind restaurant group Itsu, online cycling specialist Wiggle and the UK arm of Burger King, is planning to raise £300m with a stock market flotation in London. The listing, expe...

Unesco says ‘in danger’ listing would be ‘call to action’ on Great Barrier Reef

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Unesco officials have rejected concerns raised by Australia and ambassadors from 11 other countries that processes were not followed ahead of a key meeting next month that could see the Great Barrier Reef placed on a ...

NHS GP appointments app announces £3bn US stock market listing

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A virtual GP appointments app used by the NHS has announced a £3bn US stock market listing after agreeing to a blank-cheque company merger that will net its British-Iranian founder almost £1bn. Babylon’s reverse merge... plans to raise £100m in London listing

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The online furnishings seller is planning to raise £100m via a stock market listing expected to value the British company at more than £1bn and allow hundreds of staff to cash in shares. Oor 600 staff inclu...