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Can Boris Johnson’s linguistic manoeuvring keep him in Downing Street?

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For anyone who has been closely following ministerial media rounds this week, the same slightly anomalous-sounding word has cropped up time and again in discussions of Boris Johnson’s alleged lockdown-flouting social ...

How to win at Wordle using linguistic theory

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It’s a point in 2022’s favour that, rather than violent insurrection or the misery of lockdown, most English-speaking people on the internet are currently preoccupied with a harmless word game. Harmless at the time of...

Jhumpa Lahiri: ‘I’ve always existed in a kind of linguistic exile’

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Jhumpa Lahiri’s third novel is the triumphant culmination of her 20-year love affair with Italian, an obsession that led her to move to Rome with her family almost 10 jare terug. She renounced all reading in English an...