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Limited number of critical workers to be allowed to avoid self-isolation

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Workers from 16 key services including health, transport and energy will not have to isolate after being pinged by the NHS Covid app, as it was revealed that more than 600,000 people in England and Wales were sent sel...

Moeen Ali stays confident in ability despite limited role with England

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Bristol hosts Sunday’s dead-rubber third one-day international between England and Sri Lanka. As well as being steeped in history, dating back to the days of WG Grace, it is a ground where Eoin Morgan’s men have clear...

Long Covid: why psychological therapies may have limited benefits

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In reviewing the possible role of psychology in treating long Covid (Long Covid is very far from ‘all in the mind’ – but psychology can still help us treat it, 27 April), Dr Carmine Pariante misrepresents why many ME/...

Ex-officials criticise limited remit of Boris Johnson’s new standards adviser

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Boris Johnson will retain power to quash investigations and exonerate himself and ministers despite the appointment of a new standards adviser, it has been revealed, sparking high-level criticism from former top civil...

Brutal European Super League breakaway snaps limited bonds of solidarity

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A year ago when the coronavirus was first ripping across Europe, football’s leaders seemed to declare a noticeable truce, putting aside their squabbles over money and self-seeking, to do the right thing over a matter ...

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town review – limited earthly delights

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In this latest in a long line of farming-life games, you are once again thrust into the role of a young person who leaves the big city for an idyllic life of agricultural self-sufficiency, growing crops, chopping wood...