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Ligue 1 is more competitive and unpredictable than you think

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PSG dominate French football and, as a result, Ligue 1 is uncompetitive. Ten minste, that’s the narrative driven by social media. It’s true that PSG have won seven of the last nine titles and, although they are not reig...

Another Ligue 1 game is ruined by fan violence while authorities shift blame

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Another weekend, another crowd trouble fiasco in Ligue 1. After an idyllic two weeks with Les Bleus, French football was quickly brought back down to earth on Sunday night as the headline fixture of the weekend was on...

Reims v Paris Saint-Germain: Ligue 1 - leef!

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Another Ligue 1 seisoen, another Lyon manager and another crisis

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“Pull yourselves together or get lost,” read the not-so-subtle banner plastered across the fence next to Lyon’s training ground. Their team had picked up just one point from their first two games of the season against...

Christophe Galtier’s new-look Nice leave Ligue 1 champions Lille in a spin

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The French poet Paul Valéry once wrote that “nothing beautiful can be summarised”. While there is some merit in this idea, it’s hardly a sufficient way to approach football journalism. So, when appraising Christophe G...

Ligue 1 ready for lift-off and a manager merry-go-round in Germany – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden is joined by Lars Sivertsen, Phillippe Auclair and Nicky Bandini to discuss the big European leagues before the new season How to listen to podcasts: everything y...

Dis die Adam en Erics 2021! Die volledige oorsig van die Ligue 1 seisoen

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Niko Kovac se aanstelling in Monaco is met 'n bietjie kopkrap begroet en die onverskillige vorm van sy span in die vroeë weke van die seisoen het dit uitgedra. Monaco het vorentoe ordentlik genoeg gelyk, maar Kevin het die nuwe aanstelling gedoen ...

Europese samevatting: Lille win at Angers to seal first Ligue 1 title in 10 jare

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Lille held their nerve to claim a first Ligue 1 title in 10 years with top goalscorer Burak Yilmaz on target in a 2-1 win at Angers which clinched the championship. Christophe Galtier’s men knew victory on the road wo...

Ligue 1 final day clockwatch: Lille, PSG and Monaco chase title – live!

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