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‘Beyond Fleabag’: fresh female genius lights up this year’s Bafta TV nominations

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The good news is that the 2021 British Academy television awards recognise – as these trophies have not always done – glittering fresh genius where it appears. Two daringly written and visualised dramas with first-per...

Germany hope the lights don’t go out on Munich’s new sense of euphoria

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Leon Goretzka could hardly have captured the mood any better. “We already have the feeling there is a certain euphoria after the difficult year and a half that is behind all of us,” the Germany midfielder said. "Suo ...

Hairspray review – unstoppably joyous musical lights up the West End

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“You have to think big to be big,” declares Tracy Turnblad, the “pleasantly plump” teenager who brings racial integration to a TV dance show and marks a turning point for 1960s Baltimore – for bopping, beehived teenag...

Lights, camera, studio space? Lack of production capacity hits UK film industry

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The UK needs to build the equivalent of four new film studios to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for new content from streaming giants such as Netflix, or risk losing out on billions of pounds of movie and TV ...

Lights! Camera! Mute button! 2021 awards show drinking game

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The thrill of an awards ceremony usually comes from seeing so much talent clustered in such a small space. Star after star, packed in tightly together, wearing their best clothes, all vying to give the wittiest, most ...

Northern lights, northern soul and discoveries at the pole – take the Thursday quiz

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Once again it is time to brave the Thursday quiz challenge. Dare you enter the arena and take on 14 questions on general knowledge and topical trivia, wrestle with anagrams, spot the hidden Doctor Who reference and br...

Rockets and Blue Lights review – radical retelling of Britain’s slavery history

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Winsome Pinnock’s leviathan of a play opens with a meditation on a slave ship painting by JMW Turner which drew upon the Zong massacre of enslaved Africans in 1781. An actress and artist stand in a gallery, in the pre...

The Guardian view on Covid and travel: these traffic lights won’t keep us safe

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On the same day that the first wave of holidaymakers jetted off to Portugal, experts warned that the Covid variant first discovered in India was set to become the dominant strain in the UK within days. The rapid trans...