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Turkey lifts objections to Finland and Sweden’s Nato bid

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A last minute agreement has been reached between Turkey, Finland and Sweden to allow the two Nordic countries to become Nato members on the eve of the military alliance’s summit in Madrid. Nato said a trilateral deal ...

Priti Patel lifts restrictions on police stop and search powers

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The government is lifting restrictions placed on police stop and search powers in areas where they anticipate violent crime, the home secretary has announced. In a letter to police forces on Monday, Priti Patel outlin...

Spring statement 2022: Sunak lifts national insurance threshold, lowers fuel duty and promises income tax cut by 2024 – leef

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Nuutste opdaterings: chancellor says 70% of workers get effective tax cut by raising threshold by £3,000; Sunak cuts fuel duty by 5p as part of mini budget

Austria lifts ‘lockdown of the unvaccinated’ as Europe slowly opens up

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Austria has lifted its “lockdown of the unvaccinated”, Switzerland is gearing up for a “turbo” reopening and Germany’s finance minister has demanded an end date for Covid curbs as more countries prepare to ease pandem...

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Coronavirus regstreeks: Japan and Taiwan report Omicron surges; Ireland lifts restrictions

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Poland and Russia report record new daily infections; Taiwan to tighten restrictions after 60 Covid cases at Taoyuan factory

Nigeria lifts Twitter ban seven months after site deleted president’s post

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Nigeria has lifted a ban on Twitter, restoring access to millions of users, seven months after it clamped down on the social media site when it deleted a post by the president. Twitter was restored on Nigerian network...

Ethiopia lifts five-month suspension of Norwegian Refugee Council’s aid work

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Ethiopia has lifted a five-month suspension of the Norwegian Refugee Council’s aid work after it cleared the organisation of allegations of spreading “misinformation”. The government ordered the NRC, along with Médeci...

FTSE 100 hits pandemic high as Santa rally lifts markets – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Omicron eis sy tol op die Britse ekonomie, maar optimisme verhoog markte – besigheid lewendig

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

City of cable cars: the ups and downs of life with Wellington’s private incline lifts

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Some look like glass elevators plucked from a science-fiction film, others a giant fibreglass bucket, but however they come, Wellington’s personal cable cars are more than just an alternative to scaling the hilly capi...

Aileen Whelan lifts Brighton to third in WSL with win at struggling Everton

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Everton’s new manager, Jean-Luc Vasseur, urged patience after Aileen Whelan’s second-half header lifted Brighton to third in the Women’s Super League at the expense of his team in his first league game in charge. “The...

Coronavirus live nuus: rekord maandelikse sterftes in Maleisië; Sri Lanka staak die sluiting van ses weke

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Maleisië aangeteken 9,671 sterftes in September soos agterstand getel het; Sri Lanka handhaaf die nagklok en verbied openbare byeenkomste en partytjies

Australiese Covid -opdatering regstreeks: NSW bereik mylpaal vir inenting, lig die aandklokreël in die westelike deel van Sydney op; Victoria rekords 423 gevalle, twee sterftes; 13 gevalle in ACT

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Die dodelikste dag vir NSW as staat teken twaalf sterftes aan en 1,259 gevalle; Die Berejikliaanse regering sal 'regsadvies' inwin oor plekke wat toegang tot ongeëntes weier; 149 van Victoria se nuwe sake wat tans verband hou met ...

Caldor fire: California lifts evacuation orders for South Lake Tahoe

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California authorities lifted mandatory evacuation orders for South Lake Tahoe on Monday, allowing the resort town’s 22,000 residents to return home. The decision marked a confident milestone in the fight against the ...

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