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Johnson verwelkom die Amerikaanse reisverbod, maar sê die vordering van die transaksie is onwaarskynlik

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Boris Johnson verwelkom Joe Biden se besluit om die Amerikaanse reisverbod Maandag op te hef terwyl hy hom voorberei om na die Withuis te gaan, maar het gesê vordering met 'n handelsooreenkoms na Brexit is onwaarskynlik, omdat die president 'baie ...

‘My heart sank’: how lifting energy price cap will hit the most vulnerable

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Anthony Lyman, from Northampton, said his heart sank when he learned that his annual energy bill would climb by more than £150 a year after the regulator’s decision to lift the energy price cap. The 35-year-old is aut...

UK business confidence jumps ahead of 19 July lockdown lifting

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UK business confidence has jumped as firms anticipate the lifting of lockdown restrictions later this month, despite concerns over the rise in Covid-19 infections. A survey by accountancy and business advisory firm BD...

Lifting Covid rules in England ‘will overwhelm testing capacity’

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The £22bn NHS test-and-trace system risks being overwhelmed by surging Covid infections after the planned wholesale lifting of restrictions in England this month, a leading academic has warned. Jon Deeks, a professor ...

WHO urges countries ‘not to lose gains’ by prematurely lifting Covid restrictions – video

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The World Health Organization has urged countries to use extreme caution when easing Covid-19 restrictions to reopen their economies. Dr Michael Ryan, director of the WHO health emergencies programme, gesê: ‘The idea ...

‘Masking for trouble’: what the papers say about Johnson lifting Covid restrictions

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Boris Johnson’s announcement that most coronavirus restrictions will be lifted from 19 July – while acknowledging that new cases could reach 50,000 a day before then – dominates today’s front pages. The Guardian’s top...

Lifting Covid rules in England: what has Boris Johnson announced?

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It has revealed what will happen from 19 Julie, if the decision is made to move to phase 4 of the Covid unlocking process. In brief, more or less every legal restriction will be lifted, all businesses will open, and mi...

Even with the delay in England’s lockdown lifting, Covid cases and deaths will still rise

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The prime minister has announced that England is not yet able to remove the final public health measures that are in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and that these measures are likely to remain until 19 Julie. ...

Why is Israel lifting Covid restrictions as England extends them?

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Israel and the UK were viewed as world leaders in their coronavirus vaccine campaigns but whereas the former is lifting almost all pandemic limitations, the latter is now glumly extending its restrictions in England a...

England’s Covid lockdown lifting: is a four-week delay enough?

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The roadmap out of lockdown – England’s strategy to return to a life more normal – was heavy on dates from the start. The first three steps, in Maart, April and May, passed so smoothly that a crucial point was easily ...

Coronavirus live nuus: Johnson het verwag om die opheffing van beperkings te onderbreek; Indië rapporteer die laagste gevalle sedert Maart

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Indië bevestig 70,421 nuwe infeksies in die verlede 24 ure; Boris Johnson berei hom voor om die finale opheffing van beperkings in Engeland op te hou; Amerikaanse dodetal nader 600,000

Lifting Covid rules could mean repeat of winter wave of cases, says Sage adviser

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Any lifting of Covid restrictions this month will “fan the flames” of rising infections in England and could lead to similar levels as last winter’s second wave within two months, one of the government’s leading scien...

Coronavirus regstreeks: G7 calls for expert-led study on origins of Covid; England considers delaying lifting restrictions

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Follow the latest updates on the pandemic in the UK and across the world

Now Covid crisis mode is lifting, questions parked for a year are nagging once again

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The weather is warm, and we’re heading into summer, with the assumption that this one will be better than the last: freer of lockdowns, less fraught with uncertainty and with a high probability that, when we come back...

Boris Johnson hints at delay to England lockdown lifting

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Boris Johnson has dropped a heavy hint that the final lifting of lockdown restrictions in England will be delayed by up to a month, as the government prepares to make a final decision over the weekend. The prime minis...

Delay lifting Covid restrictions in England, warn experts

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Experts – including government scientific advisers – have urged against lifting England’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions on 21 Junie, warning: “We don’t want to go backwards”. It comes amid reports that lockdown eas...

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