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Thalidomide scandal: Sunak pledges lifetime support for survivors

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Thalidomide campaigners have reacted with relief and joy after the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, pledged a “lifetime commitment” of funding to support survivors of the scandal. Announcing the budget on Wednesday, Sunak sa...

Johnny Depp says ‘no one safe’ from cancel culture as he accepts lifetime achievement award

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Nobody is safe from the “instant rush to judgment” handed out by today’s cancel culture, Hollywood star Johnny Depp said Wednesday at a Spanish film festival where he accepted a lifetime achievement award. Depp, who l...

Can my partner and I buy two properties using lifetime Isas?

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Q My partner and I are first-time buyers and we each have a lifetime Isa (Lisa). We are considering putting our savings together to buy a house in my partner’s name with the intention of eventually keeping it as a ren...

Biden’s plans are ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to end global tax abuse, says OECD boss

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President Joe Biden’s proposals to stop multinationals from shifting profits to tax havens are a “once in a lifetime” chance to end tax abuse, and could be signed within months, the head of the Organisation for Econom...

‘Like nothing in my lifetime’: researchers race to unravel the mystery of Australia’s dying frogs

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In the middle of Sydney’s lockdown, scientist Jodi Rowley has been retrieving frozen dead frogs from her doorstep. Occasionally one will arrive dried and shrivelled up in the post. She’ll pack them in ice in an esky ...

This Is Your Mind on Plants by Michael Pollan review – the trip of a lifetime

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Michael Pollan has written for many years, brilliantly, about our relationship with food and farming, in particular for the New York Times. Nel 2018, in what seemed like a midlife departure, he published a book on “the...

How ‘acne positivity’ is helping teens – and soothing the scars of a lifetime

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Pimples, spots, plooks, pustules, boils, eruptions, carbuncles, zits… If there are dozens of different words for snow, there must be at least as many in the school bully’s armoury for spots, or to give the condition i...