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il principe Filippo: Experts tell of trauma caused by death of a lifelong partner

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Meg Blackwood had just turned 22 when she walked down the aisle of a Hampshire church, six years after Princess Elizabeth had married Philip Mountbatten. Like the royal couple, Meg and her new husband, Robert, enjoyed...

England matches create lifelong memories, says Gareth Southgate

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Gareth Southgate has talked up the romance of international football and its ability to create lifelong memories and hopes his England team can give the nation a lift at the beginning of their World Cup qualifying cam...

Yoga, karate, skiing … Alison Bechdel on her lifelong obsession with exercise

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The first obsession, for Alison Bechdel, was with karate. In her early 20s and fresh out of college, the artist and writer turned up on a whim to an all-women’s karate class (this was the early 80s in New York), becam...

Wally Funk fulfills lifelong dream to go to space with Blue Origin flight

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Wally Funk, a pilot who was denied the chance to go into space in the 1960s because she was a woman, said “I want to go again, fast”, after returning from a successful flight with the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. Insieme a ...

The Saviour review – gripping two-hander tackles lifelong effects of abuse

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Deirdre Kinahan’s new play for Landmark Productions tackles the subject of the emotional and physical abuse of young women in church-run institutions in Ireland over decades, and its impact on one woman for the rest o...

Burying Leni Riefenstahl: one woman’s lifelong crusade against Hitler’s favourite film-maker

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Su 20 novembre 1984, in the southern German city of Freiburg, two film-makers faced each other in court for the first day of a trial that was to last nearly two and a half years. The plaintiff, Leni Riefenstahl, had b...

Like herpes simplex, Johnson’s ministers had begun to seem like a lifelong condition

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A huge week for the Westminster village and its many idiots, poi, as Boris Johnson finally got around to shuffling his cabinet. It’s always a thrill to see one’s ministerial bestiary gain some new entries – and, inde...

‘Sidney Poitier was the only light at the end of the tunnel’: Don Warrington on his lifelong hero

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When I was in my late 30s, someone came up to me in the street and started talking to me as if I were Sidney Poitier. To the extent that they called me “Sidney”. I said: “I’m sorry – my name is Don.” And they looked a...

Fuggi dalla tua zona di comfort: I have a mortal, lifelong fear of public speaking. Can I be cured?

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I am in the pub. It is dark, loud and at full capacity. Sitting with a group of people, my mind drifts towards something funny that happened at work. I wonder if it is funny enough to repeat and, if so, how it would s...