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Crowdfunding offers the UK’s independent booksellers a pandemic lifeline

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Booksellers have kept readers around the UK going throughout a series of lockdowns. Now the reading community is coming together to back their local bookshops, with tens of thousands of pounds donated to support store...

Katie McCabe: ‘I thought my Arsenal career was over and I got a lifeline’

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When Katie McCabe returned to Arsenal from a successful loan at Glasgow City in 2017 she did not expect she would be staying. She had struggled for playing time and with injuries after turning down a host of other tea...

‘Rugby was a lifeline’: Bipoc group seeks to establish game in US Black colleges

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When the USA and New Zealand kick-off on Saturday at FedEx Field, home of the Washington Football Team, Carille Guthrie will look on with passionate interest. Though Guthrie is president of a foundation which aims to...

After I was arrested and sectioned, restorative justice offered me a lifeline

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It started with the tapeworm. The tapeworm was lodged in my brain, and it was slowly killing me. Not only was there a parasite in my skull, but it had been nefariously placed there to murder me. A man had intercepted ...

It may be slow, but retro TV has been a lifeline during lockdown

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Here in the sticks, the continuation of lockdown is inducing ever more grandiose and recherché forms of fantasy: adesso, I fancy myself to have something of Joan Didion and Patti Smith about me as I sit and watch the tel...

When I was losing my young son, the Human Rights Act gave us a lifeline

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If anyone had told me that my family would ever need disability benefits, legal aid or the Human Rights Act, I wouldn’t have believed them. I am sharing my story because my fear is that when the next family comes to n...

‘It’s a lifeline’: Cumbrian villagers raise £200,000 to save last shop

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The village high street in Kirkoswald, Cumbria, was once home to shops including a butcher’s, a greengrocer’s and a shoe shop. Now just one remains: a small convenience store that has became the hub of village life du...

Mio padre, 84, has been cut off from his phone, which is a lifeline

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My 84-year-old father is selling his retirement flat. Out of the blue, TalkTalk, his network and phone provider, said that his line would cease because the buyer of his flat had transferred it to BT. The contracts on ...