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I livelli di attività dei bambini non si sono ripresi dopo la fine delle restrizioni Covid – studio

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I bambini sono diventati più sedentari e i loro livelli di attività fisica sono peggiorati sulla scia della pandemia anche dopo la revoca delle restrizioni, uno studio suggerisce. I ricercatori hanno detto che l'attività fisica del bambino l...

Bottlenose dolphins being caught and killed in WA trawl nets at ‘unsustainable’ levels

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Bottlenose dolphins are being caught and killed in trawl nets in Western Australia’s north at unsustainable levels, a study warns. The finding is based on analysis of the Pilbara trawl which supplies fish to the Perth...

Trump disinfectant claim ‘a tragedy on many levels’, ex-Covid adviser Birx says

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The former White House Covid response coordinator, Deborah Birx, has decried the press conference in 2020 during which, in her presence, Donald Trump floated the idea of the injection of disinfectant to treat coronavi...

Covid infections remain around record levels in most of UK, le figure mostrano

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The number of Covid-19 infections remains near or at record levels in most of the UK, with only Scotland experiencing a drop, figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed. The ONS data, based on swabs...

NSW floods: man’s body found in south-west Sydney as rivers expected to reach major flood levels

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A man has died in flood waters in New South Wales, as dozens of evacuation orders remain in place for parts of south-west Sydney in anticipation of the Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers reaching major flood levels on Frida...

There has been a huge drop in NHS satisfaction levels – but don’t let No 10 blame Covid

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If you’re making a list of Things That Are Not Surprising, then today’s news that public satisfaction with the NHS has fallen to its lowest level since 1997, as revealed in the 2021 British Social Attitudes (BSA) surv...

Higher levels of PFAS exposure may increase chance of Covid, studies say

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Higher levels of exposure to toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” may increase the likelihood of Covid-19 infection, more serious symptoms and death, a group of recent studies have found. Public health advocates and researc...

NHS staffing levels are at crisis point, so why isn’t it allowed to plan for the future?

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La settimana scorsa, the delivery plan for tackling the Covid-19 backlog of elective care was published with a clear recognition that “to succeed we have to grow and support our workforce”. While the number of patients waiting ...

UK summer holiday bookings up a fifth on pre-Covid levels, Tui says

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Tui has said UK customers’ holiday bookings this summer are nearly a fifth higher than before the pandemic, with a rise in long-haul trips to the Caribbean and Cape Verde thanks in part to less strict Covid rules. Il...

China’s coal production hit record levels in 2021

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China’s coal production reached record levels last year as the state encouraged miners to ramp up their fossil fuel output to safeguard the country’s energy supplies through the winter gas crisis. The world’s biggest ...

‘You may feel your cortisol levels declining’: why Siri should be an Irish man

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Inside my iPhone is a cornucopia of Irish men. “It’s currently clear and 25 degrees,” Colin Farrell replies when I ask him the weather. “A 7.45am alarm is now off,” says Michael Fassbender when I beg him for some ext...

Spider-Man drives Cineworld revenues to near pre-pandemic levels

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The Hollywood blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home pulled in the cinema crowds in December, driving Cineworld’s box office revenues to almost 90% of pre-pandemic levels despite the rapid spread of Omicron over the fest...

UK economy recovers to pre-pandemic levels after 0.9% growth in November – business live

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The UK economy is finally larger than before the pandemic, after a burst of growth in November… before Omicron hit economy

Drink-spiking is at ‘epidemic’ levels in UK, campaigners tell MPs

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Drink- and drug-spiking has reached “epidemic” levels in the UK and is now so common it can happen to anyone, campaigners have told a new parliamentary inquiry into the problem. The home affairs select committee was t...

Crypto tycoons help drive global art market to record levels in 2021

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The global art market performed at record levels in 2021, with billions of dollars being paid for works by impressionist, postwar and contemporary artists, and much of it bought by people whose wealth comes from crypt...

Le insolvenze delle società britanniche aumentano rispetto ai livelli pre-pandemia: gli affari vivono

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

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