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Die ekonomiese groei in die Verenigde Koninkryk vertraag tot die swakste vlak sedert die reëls van Covid in Maart verswak het

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Erge tekorte aan werkers en voorraad het die ekonomiese groei in Brittanje tot die swakste vlak vertraag sedert pandemiebeperkings in Maart verlig is, volgens 'n noukeurige besigheidsopname. Die nuutste s ...

Declan Rice staan ​​voor Manchester United op soek na die volgende vlak

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Vir 'n vlugtige oomblik het dit gelyk asof Declan Rice die bal moes los. Die hoek het strak gelyk toe die kaptein van West Ham sy hardloop na Dinamo Zagreb -gebied voortgesit het en die verstandige stap blykbaar 'n weg te vind ...

Life expectancy in England falls to lowest level since 2011

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Excess deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic contributed to life expectancy in England falling to its lowest level in almost a decade, according to Public Health England (PHE). PHE said the “very high level” of exces...

Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon hits highest annual level in a decade

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Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has hit the highest annual level in a decade, a new report has shown, despite increasing global concern over the accelerating devastation since President Jair Bolsonaro took offic...

Deaths caused by alcohol at highest level since 2008 in Scotland

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Alcohol-specific deaths in Scotland rose to their highest level in more than a decade in 2020, amid warnings that the pandemic has undermined progress made with the country’s world-leading minimum unit-pricing policy....

Boris Johnson’s approval rating slips to lowest level since he became prime minister

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Boris Johnson’s personal approval rating has slipped to its lowest level since he became prime minister, according to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer. His overall approval rating has fallen to -16, af van ...

Covid live: new China cases surge; Wales first minister dismisses ‘Freedom Day’ talk after move to alert level 0

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China records highest daily Delta count; Wales sees biggest easing of coronavirus measures since the pandemic began

UK petrol prices at highest level since 2013, with more rises expected

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UK petrol prices have hit their highest level in almost eight years amid growing demand for fuel as economies emerge from pandemic lockdowns. The price of petrol went up by 3.4p per litre in July – the biggest increas...

Drugs deaths in Scotland soar to record level

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Drugs deaths in Scotland have hit a new record after 1,339 people died last year from overdoses or the cumulative effects of years of addiction. National Records of Scotland, the statistics agency, said the figure was...

Cost of petrol in UK hits highest level since 2013 after pandemic slump

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The cost of a litre of petrol has risen by almost 20p since November to hit its highest level since 2013, according to research by motoring group the AA. The organisation said the average pump price in the UK was now ...

How does Boris Johnson plan to ‘level up’?

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What does “levelling up” mean? The prime minister has faced repeated accusations that his ambitions are rhetoric rather than reality. Downing Street said his speech on Thursday in Coventry was setting out a vision, wi...

Wales to relax Covid restrictions to alert level 1

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Wales is to move to alert level 1 van 17 Julie, meaning up to six people can meet indoors in private homes and holiday accommodation, organised indoor events can take place for up to 1,000 seated people and up to 200 ...

Tot by 410 million people at risk from sea level rises – study

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Tot by 410 million people will be living in areas less than two metres above sea level, and at risk from sea level rises, unless global emissions are reduced, volgens 'n nuwe studie. The paper, published in Nature Co...

Wellington placed under level 2 Covid restrictions after visit by infected Australian tourist

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New restrictions on gatherings have been introduced in Wellington after a Covid-infected Australian travelled to the New Zealand capital and visited a range of popular tourist locations. “This is not a lockdown,” Covi...

Major flooding in Victoria with Traralgon ordered to evacuate as creek level rises

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Gippsland and the Yarra Ranges have been hit with rising flood levels overnight, with people in the Traralgon area subject to an evacuation order. Emergency services are surveying the damage, having predicted rising f...

Covid: Glasgow and 13 other Scottish councils delay move to level 1

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The people of Glasgow can finally hug loved ones, meet in homes and drink alcohol indoors for the first time in months, after the city dropped to level 2 of Scotland’s coronavirus measures – alongside an easing of res...

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