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‘We were going to be number one’: how Richard Williams molded two tennis legends

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The first surprise came when he climbed into the battered Volkswagen van. “I get in the passenger side and I sit down in the front seat and I get harpooned in the buttock,” tennis coach Rick Macci recalls in a phone i...

Boxers on the Tokyo medal trail and aiming to emulate Team GB legends

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Amateur boxing is often scarred by chaos and duplicity, with unpredictable draws and dubious officiating, and some great fighters at past Olympic Games have had their dreams ruined. But all seven men and four women in...

Krautrock legends Faust: ‘We were naked and stoned a lot – and we ate dog food’

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Jean-Hervé Peron, former bassist and vocalist with Faust, would like to get something straight about his old band – specifically, the period in the early 1970s when they were living in a commune in Wümme, a rural area...

Legends of the fall: is autumn all it’s cracked up to be?

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Depending on your view, autumn has a bad rap, or an easy time of it. Overdue a renaissance or passé to even admit liking at all. As kind, I considered autumn the red-headed stepchild of the calendar. It was the end...

Legends of the fall: die 50 biggest books of autumn 2021

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Snow Country by Sebastian FaulksSet in Vienna between the first and second world wars, this companion novel to 2005’s Human Traces uncovers individual stories of love and yearning at a time of historical upheaval. Th ...

Spotify’s Daniel Ek joins forces with Arsenal legends in bid to buy club

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The Spotify owner Daniel Ek is preparing a bid to buy Arsenal with assistance from the club’s former players Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira. The Guardian understands Ek began making inquiries about ...

Youri Tielemans picks up the baton as Leicester’s legends near the finish line

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Pick a Leicester player, any Leicester player. Or the manager. Or the owner. Each has a story to tell that could lift the heart, even bring a tear to the eye. The same is true, no doubt, van die 6,250 supporters who tr...