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La política de expulsión de refugiados de Priti Patel se retira días antes de la revisión legal

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La política de rechazo de refugiados de Priti Patel ha sido retirada oficialmente por el gobierno días antes de que se escuchara una revisión judicial de la táctica en el tribunal superior.. El departamento legal del gobierno reconoció i...

‘Today is absolutely historic’: legal marijuana sales roll out in New Jersey

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For customers at the Apothecarium dispensary, one of 13 medicinal marijuana stores in New Jersey, 4/20, the unofficial celebration of all things marijuana, came a day late. El jueves, 21 abril, recreational use of c...

Seven Network paying legal costs for key witness in Ben Roberts-Smith defamation defence, la corte escucha

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A former SAS soldier who is a witness in the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial has told the federal court his legal fees are being paid by the Seven Network. The retired soldier, who has been anonymised as Person 5, ...

Skoda’s refusal to honour warranty staggers legal experts

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Two warning lights appeared on our Skoda Fabia, eight days before the warranty expired. The Skoda handbook recommends driving immediately to the nearest dealer if these lights illuminate, as the car can suddenly lose ...

Texas advocates file new legal challenge to near-total abortion ban

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Reproductive rights advocates in Texas have filed a new legal challenge to halt a near-total abortion ban that has been in effect for more than half a year. Senate Bill 8 bars abortion once embryonic cardiac activity ...

Russia ‘preparing legal action’ to unfreeze $600bn foreign currency reserves

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Russia is preparing to take legal action to challenge the freeze on its $600bn (£462bn) foreign currency war chest put in place by western governments after the invasion of Ukraine, the head of the country’s central b...

National lottery: Richard Desmond takes legal action over licence award

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Companies owned by the billionaire Richard Desmond have launched legal action against the UK’s gambling regulator’s decision to grant Czech-owned Allwyn the licence to run the National Lottery. Desmond’s Northern &...

How Brooklyn Peltz Beckham taking wife’s name highlights sexist legal anomaly

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While the $3m (£2.3m) wedding of David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son, Brooklyn, and Nicola Peltz, the daughter of billionaire businessman Nelson, might not be an obvious place to look for a modern approach to marr...

Putin adviser promises legal action against attempts to seize Russian assets

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Moscow will fight attempts to seize Russian property abroad in courts around the world, the former president Dmitry Medvedev has said. Medvedev, who advises Vladimir Putin on national security matters, said in a post ...

See you in court! The return of sex-packed legal drama The Split

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The Split is back for a third and final season, y con eso, the best tailoring on television. The family law drama is glossy, big and bold, and it has an air of unapologetic grandeur that is missing from a lot of tel...

Federal Liberals select nine election candidates in NSW seats despite legal challenge

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A special committee of the federal Liberal party has forged ahead with appointing election candidates in New South Wales, despite a legal challenge now before the NSW court of appeal about the validity of the committe...

British Museum facing legal action over Parthenon marbles 3D scan refusal

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The British Museum is facing legal action from one of the UK’s leading heritage preservation organisations over its refusal to allow the 3D scanning of a piece in its Parthenon marbles collection. The Institute for D...

London mayor threatens legal action over minister’s veto on housing plan

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The simmering row between London’s political leaders and central government over transport funding is escalating on a fresh battleground: possible legal action over suburban station car parks. London’s mayor, Sadiq Kh...

NT traditional owners launch international legal action over Barossa gas project

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Traditional owners in the Northern Territory have launched an international legal bid to block the $4.7bn Barossa offshore gas project in the Timor Sea, saying the development will threaten marine life. Tiwi Islander ...

Police fail in legal bid to force journalist and ex-MP Chris Mullin to reveal source for Birmingham Six exposé – live

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Últimas actualizaciones: Journalist Chris Mullin will not have to disclose source material dating back to his investigation into the Birmingham pub bombings

Labour urges Kwasi Kwarteng to launch legal action against P&Secuestrador sentenciado en caso de que la policía dijera por primera vez que era un engaño de 'Gone Girl'

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Labour has urged the business secretary to launch legal action against P&O Ferries over its “scandalous” decision to sack 800 workers without warning, which the party said is a criminal offence. Shadow transport s...