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National Farmers Union funding legal challenges to curbs on river pollution

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Environmental groups have criticised the National Farmers Union for helping hundreds of agricultural businesses to push back against measures designed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to prote...

Hong Kong judicial independence under systematic attack, legal figures warn

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International judicial figures including the former UK attorney general Sir Robert Buckland have warned the remaining British, Australian and Canadian judges operating in Hong Kong that they are working in an environm...

Met police faces legal action over ‘irrational’ handling of Partygate

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The Metropolitan police is facing legal action over the way it handled allegations of the prime minister breaking lockdown rules by attending parties in Downing Street, het die voog verneem. The former Met police ...

Legal smoking age in England could be raised to 21 - rapporteer

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The legal smoking age in England could reportedly be raised from 18 aan 21 after a “radical” review into plans to make the country smoke-free by 2030. An independent review commissioned by the health secretary, Sajid J...

Vrou wat 'mishandel' is deur MI5-agent neem regstappe teen diens

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'n Vrou wat gesê het sy is geterroriseer deur 'n MI5-agent met 'n agtergrond in regse ekstremisme, neem regstappe teen die veiligheidsdiens. Beth, nie haar regte naam nie, het die man geëis, haar voormalige lewensmaat, aangeval ...

‘Wagatha Christie’ puts England’s legal system on trial in the social media age

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The “Wagatha Christie” libel trial opened with a cry of despair from Coleen Rooney’s barrister: “This whole court might just think: why on earth are we here?” After almost two weeks of court hearings, it was a questio...

Monique Ryan gaan regsuitdaging aanteken nadat AEC-anomalie duisende Covid-positiewe Australiërs verhoed om te stem

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'n Hoëprofiel onafhanklike kandidaat beplan regstappe nadat die Australiese Verkiesingskommissie toegegee het 'n anomalie beteken dat sommige mense - moontlik meer as 100,000 – isolasie met Covid kan dalk nie v...

Vanuatu’s push for legal protection from climate change wins crucial support

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Vanuatu’s push for the international court of justice to protect vulnerable nations from climate change has received the backing of 1,500 civil society organisations from more than 130 lande, as it heads toward a ...

Street-based sex work is now legal across Victoria

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Sex workers are now free to operate on Victoria’s streets after new laws, which are designed to make those in the industry safer, came into effect. Vanaf Dinsdag, street-based sex work is now legal in Victoria except i...

Priti Patel se Rwanda-plan vir Britse asielsoekers staar sy eerste wetlike uitdaging in die gesig

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Die eerste regstappe is van stapel gestuur teen Priti Patel se plan om asielsoekers na Rwanda te stuur, aangesien die VN se vlugtelingagentskap kommer uitgespreek het dat die VK ander Europese lande "nooi" om dieselfde skeiding aan te neem..

Council move against anti-Angus Taylor signs goes against third-party rights, legal experts say

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The community movement trying to unseat Hume MP Angus Taylor has been ordered to remove election signage by local government in a move legal experts say goes against the rights of third-party campaigners. Goulburn Mul...

Democrats in states across US seek to offer legal refuge to trans youth

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Democratic lawmakers in more than a dozen states are following California’s lead in seeking to offer legal refuge to displaced transgender youth and their families. The coordinated effort, which was announced on Tuesd...

Legal cases may explain why Rwanda plan is not working, suggests No 10

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Legal challenges to the policy of deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda could be a reason why the plan has not yet, as intended, started to deter unofficial Channel crossings, Downing Street gesê. After a period with...

Priti Patel faces legal action from Ukrainians stuck in visa backlog

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The UK home secretary, Priti Patel, is facing mass legal action over delays that have left thousands of Ukrainians at risk of trauma and Russian bombs, or in limbo in eastern Europe. A class action lawsuit is being pr...

Thousands of domestic abuse survivors denied help after legal aid cuts, studie bevind

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Tens of thousands of domestic abuse survivors have been “forced to continue living under the shadow of their abusers” in the decade since access to legal aid was scaled back, navorsing dui daarop. Oor 34,000 people are...

Priti Patel’s Rwanda asylum seeker plan faces first legal challenge

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Priti Patel’s plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is facing its first legal challenge after a charity instructed lawyers to demand the disclosure of documents because of fears the policy is contrary to internation...

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