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Katie Ledecky finally strikes Tokyo gold in first Olympic women’s 1500m free

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So outlandish is it that a swimmer could battle for medals in both a sprint and a slog that the scheduling in the 200m and 1500m freestyle did Katie Ledecky no favours. There was little more than an hour between the t...

‘It’s unheard of’: How Katie Ledecky excels as both an endurance and speed swimmer

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After Katie Ledecky versus Ariarne Titmus, prepare for Ledecky against herself. That’s how it seems, in elk geval, when the American swims the 1500m freestyle: she is so superior to her rivals that only a major – and highly...

Round one to Ariarne Titmus but duel in the pool with Katie Ledecky continues

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After losing to Australia’s Ariarne Titmus in the women’s 400m freestyle, American Katie Ledecky departed the press conference tent at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre with a message: “See you in a few hours.” The five-time ...

Katie Ledecky wins by 21 seconds at comeback meet after one-year break

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Katie Ledecky made a winning return to national competition for the first time in a year on Wednesday, winning the 1500m freestyle by an eye-popping 21.37sec at the TYR Pro Swim Series meet in San Antonio, Texas. Die ...