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‘I love you in your madness’: Crisis-hit Lebanon unveils slogan in bid to lure back tourists

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Lebanon’s tourism minister has announced a new slogan for the crisis-swept country that aimed to portray the precarity of life there as a point of pride, roughly translating to “I love you in your madness”. Lebanon is...

Lebanon sentenced me to 10 years in prison for helping sick Palestinian children – I consider my work a badge of honour

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I have never walked away from a fight involving the wellbeing of children. I have never abandoned the right for Palestinian health workers to train in Israel for the benefit of those same children. Why is this somethi...

Lebanon hit by electricity outage expected to last several days

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Lebanon’s electricity grid collapsed on Saturday after its two main power plants ran out of fuel, plunging much of the crisis-ridden country into darkness for at least two days. The nationwide blackout marks a new low...

Lebanon forms new government, ending 13-month standoff

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After a 13-month feud, a catastrophic economic collapse and in spite of demands for reforms required to unlock desperately needed aid, Lebanon’s politicians have finally agreed to a new government that suggests more o...

A year after Beirut blast, Lebanon sinks deep into mire of corruption

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At ground zero of Lebanon’s apocalypse a stench of dead rats seeps from hulking piles of rotting grain. Broken silos teeter above, their sides ripped apart by the catastrophic blast that also broke the soul of Beirut;...

EU prepares sanctions against Lebanon leaders a year after Beirut blast

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As the first anniversary of the deadly Beirut explosion approaches, the European Union said on Monday it hopes to develop the legal framework for sanctions targeting Lebanese leaders. Meer as 11 months since Lebanon...

‘This is the end of times’: Lebanon struggles to find political path through its crisis

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The lights dimmed further in Lebanon last month when two giant barges that had boosted its electricity grid were switched off. The result was six hours less power a day for most homes, or more need for generator fuel ...