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Puppy perks: should workers get three weeks of paid leave to bond with a new pet?

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Naam: Pawternity leave. Ouderdom: At least five years old. Voorkoms: None, for up to three weeks. No appearance where? At work. It’s like paternity leave, but for dogs. My dog doesn’t have a job. Or cats, or any animal....

Pete Buttigieg hits back at Fox News host’s criticism of his paternity leave

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US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, who has been on paternity leave since mid-August with newborn twins, called right-wing attacks on his paternity leave “strange” and from “a side of the aisle that used to cl...

Johnson and Starmer leave flowers at scene of David Amess killing

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Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer have laid flowers at the scene of the killing of David Amess, the Conservative backbench MP. The party leaders were joined by Priti Patel and Lindsay Hoyle, the Commons Speaker, at Belfa...

Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling free to leave if he wants, says Guardiola

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Pep Guardiola has expressed surprise at Raheem Sterling’s admission that he is open to leaving Manchester City to seek more game time and said the forward can move if he wants. Sterling lost his regular starting place...

‘It is with a heavy heart that I leave’ – why the unrelieved pressure is pushing GPs to quit

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Concern has been growing for years that GPs are burning out, and sometimes dropping out, in the face of increasingly heavy and complex workloads that many have described as being already unsustainable, if not impossib...

Riool kan die Windermere -meer 'ekologies dood' verlaat

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Windermere kan 'ekologies dood' word as gevolg van die hoeveelheid riool wat in die water gepomp word, kampvegters het gewaarsku. Foto's toon algbloeisels oor die oppervlak van die meer. Veldtogte sê daar is al ...

Springboks leave it late to get better of All Blacks and take back No 1 spot

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Elton Jantjies kicked a penalty after the final hooter as South Africa snapped a three-match losing streak in dramatic fashion, beating New Zealand 31-29 in a thrilling final match of the Rugby Championship on Austral...

The Secret Negotiator: Cop26 must leave the old diplomacy behind

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Sover, all the preparation work we have done has been beating around the bush – not much that is substantial is happening yet. The homework has been done very well, but only on the issues that are not very substantiv...

Decline and defiance leave Koeman a dead man walking at Barcelona

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Carlos Del Cerro Grande got there before Joan Laporta could but few expect the Barcelona president to be far behind. It was just before midnight on Thursday when the referee approached the touchline and raised the red...

Eddie Jones confirms he will leave England role after 2023 Wêreldbeker

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Eddie Jones has ushered in the “last chapter” of his England tenure after revealing his intention to leave the role after the 2023 World Cup by culling four senior players and urging Owen Farrell to “stoke the fires” ...

Eddie Jones gaan Billy Vunipola uit die eerste Engelse span van die seisoen verlaat

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Eddie Jones sal die volgende fase van Engeland inlei 2023 Voorbereidings vir die Wêreldbeker -toernooi toe hy Dinsdag sy eerste span van die nuwe seisoen noem, met Billy Vunipola wat vermoedelik een van die senior spelers is..

Hoër belasting kan die laagbetaalde frontlinie-werkers £ 1 000 slegter laat

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Hoër betalings vir nasionale versekering sal werknemers met 'n laag betaalde frontlinie moontlik meer as £ 1 000 per jaar erger laat, terwyl dit ook die kontant wat nodig is om te belê, ontneem, volgens die nuutste ontledings. Die mede...

Salesforce offers to help staff leave Texas as abortion law takes effect

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The cloud-based software giant Salesforce is offering to help relocate employees out of Texas following the state’s enactment of its extreme new abortion law. Referring to the “incredibly personal issues” that the law...

Skielik, my 94-year-old great aunt must leave her care home

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My 94-year-old great-aunt, along with other residents, has been given six weeks to leave her care home, the Peele in Wythenshawe, which is closing for refurbishment. She has no short-term memory and has made friends ...

One out of 125 embassy guards promised help to leave Afghanistan made it to UK

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Just one of the team of 125 British embassy guards who were promised help to leave Afghanistan by the Foreign Office has made it to the UK. Faiz is in quarantine in a London hotel, relieved to be safe but worried abou...

Celebratory shots ring out above Kabul after US troops leave – video

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Celebratory shots rang out in Kabul as the United States completed the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan, ending 20 years of war that culminated in the militant Taliban's return to power. Footage from inside t...

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