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RAC warns of busiest Easter on UK roads in at least eight years

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This weekend’s Easter getaway could be the busiest on the UK’s roads in at least eight years as engineering works look set to disrupt rail travel, the RAC has said. Uno stimato 21.5 million leisure trips will be made...

Cost of living crisis: Rishi Sunak must at the very least raise UK benefits

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With or without a cost of living emergency the UK government looked vulnerable. A chancellor losing his once golden touch, a prime minister questioned by police about partying in lockdown. Boris Johnson’s party veers ...

Come la serie a fumetti Pickwick di Dickens ha riunito i suoi fan: almeno 50 people killed in rocket attack at Kramatorsk train station

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: regional governor says many wounded in a Russian rocket strike on station packed with evacuees

Calorific: which high street meals are the most and least fattening?

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From Wednesday, restaurant and cafe chains with more than 250 staff will be required, by law, to display on their menus how many calories are in their meals. The new legislation has been introduced as part of the gove...

Almeno 50 US gig workers murdered or killed since 2017 – study

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On a Sunday afternoon in August 2021, the Lyft driver Isabella Lewis was shot in the head by a passenger she had just picked up and left for dead as the man sped off in what appeared to be a fatal carjacking. Lyft rel...

Il 2022 Grammys got behind the classiest of artists … and the least

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There’s nothing the Grammys like more than classiness. Many of the albums and songs to have won the top prizes have been ones that are handsomely, rather than raggedly, made; emotionally forthright but keeping themsel...

Almeno 53 culturally important sites damaged in Ukraine – Unesco

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The UN’s cultural agency has confirmed that at least 53 historical sites, religious buildings and museums have sustained damage during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “This is the latest list, but it is not exhaustive, ...

Guerra Russia-Ucraina: Mariupol theatre bombing death toll ‘at least 300’; Ukraine takes back towns east of Kyiv – latest

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: Mariupol officials share latest casualty figures from Russian airstrike on theatre; Ukrainian forces reoccupy towns 35km east of Kyiv, according to British intelligence

Almeno 19 migrants missing after boat capsizes off coast of Libya

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A boat carrying about two dozen migrants capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya on Saturday, with at least 19 people missing and presumed dead, le autorità hanno detto. Libya’s coastguard said that a group ...

Almeno 19 people die amid fresh fighting in Sudan’s Darfur region

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Almeno 19 people have been killed in Sudan’s restive Darfur region in the latest violence between rival groups that has left dozens dead this week. Fresh clashes broke out on Thursday between armed groups in the rug...

Being young has never been more difficult, and Covid is the least of our worries

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Every two months since March 2020, I have declared the pandemic over. “Grow up, Covid’s over now,” I say to no one in particular. The pronouncement comes more in hope than expectation; the truth is, I’m miserable and ...

Almeno 13 people dead after tourist boat sinks off Vietnam coast

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Almeno 13 people were killed and four others are missing after a tourist boat capsized on Saturday in bad weather off the coast of Hội An, a world heritage-listed Vietnamese city, an official said. The accident occu...

F@ck This Job review – optimism in short supply at Putin’s least favourite TV channel

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A strain of melancholy Slavic clarinet creeps into the soundtrack of this otherwise breathless documentary about Dozhd TV, the hip young gunslingers of Russian independent broadcasting. It’s as if it’s reminding us th...

Oxford University took at least £1.6m last year from fossil fuel firms

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The University of Oxford accepted at least £1.6m from oil, gas and petrochemical companies in 2020-21 despite its 2035 net zero commitment, according to a report by students. The funding was in addition to the more t...

Islamic State-linked jihadists kill at least 40 civilians in Mali amid turf war

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An Islamic State-linked group has killed around 40 civilians caught up in a rivalry between warring jihadist groups in Mali’s conflict-plagued north. There were “at least 40 civilian deaths in three different sites” d...

US west ‘megadrought’ is worst in at least 1,200 anni, new study says

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The American west has spent the last two decades in what scientists are now saying is the most extreme megadrought in at least 1,200 anni. In a new study, published on Monday, researchers also noted that human-caused...

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