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Coronavirus live nuus: UK epidemiologist warns over third wave; Philippines facing ‘learning crisis’, says Unicef

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Neil Ferguson says UK must boost immunity by vaccinating more teenagers; 80% of parents in Philippines worried their children ‘learning less’

Cockatoos in Sydney learning from each other to bin-dive for food, studie bevind

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Sulphur-crested cockatoos are learning from each other to open wheelie bins in order to scavenge for food and the behaviour is rapidly catching on across Sydney, according to new research. With help from the public, A ...

Ianis Hagi: ‘At Rangers I am learning about the mentality of winning’

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Despite spending most of his childhood travelling the world with his illustrious father, Ianis Hagi admits he couldn’t help but feel a little starstruck when he received a phone call from the Rangers manager last Janu...

CDC advises US schools to reopen for in-person learning in the fall

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released revised guidelines on Friday that say schools across the US should reopen for in-person learning regardless of whether they can implement all the recommend...

Greater Sydney Covid lockdown extended for extra week with schools to offer online learning

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Greater Sydney will remain in lockdown for an extra week, and schools won’t open as expected after the holiday break, as New South Wales battles to get on top of its growing Covid outbreak. Guardian Australia understa...

Universities ramping up ‘hybrid’ learning means double the work for same pay, staff say

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Staff at Australian universities say plans to “ramp up” in-person learning next semester while continuing to offer the majority of online classes means they will do twice the amount of work for the same pay. While sta...

How the US lets hot school days sabotage learning

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Human bodies react swiftly when they overheat. Blood rushes to the skin, trying to find cool air. Sweat seeps out of the skin and evaporates, dissipating body heat. But these processes have a cost: they reduce blood c...

Covid: generation of children in England ‘at risk’ from lost learning

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A generation of children is at risk of being failed by the government if it does not properly address the educational needs caused by lost learning during the Covid pandemic, a social mobility expert has said. The com...

Longer school hours won’t plug Covid learning gaps, says Cambridge academic

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Keeping pupils in school for longer lessons would not be enough to overcome the gaps in their learning caused by Covid disruption, according to research by a University of Cambridge academic. With the government in En...

Bite-sized knowledge: how TikTok videos are making learning fun

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At a time when we’re endlessly switching from one task to another, finding time to learn something new isn’t easy. So make the most of stolen moments and absorb new knowledge with short and snappy videosby Sarah Pyper...

Ditch the life goals: why no-pressure learning is more fun (and effective)

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Setting yourself ambitious goals may get you motivated but it can also take the fun out of being creative. Learning for the sake of learning can be much more excitingby Rosie MullenderLike many people, I sought out a ...

‘The dog couldn’t eat the homework’: three tech-savvy teachers making digital learning rock

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Technology is becoming more embedded into our world - and our schools. Hier, teachers describe how they’ve embraced digital learning, and why they’re excited about the possibilitiesOver the past year, pupils and teach...

Acts of Desperation by Megan Nolan review – learning to say no

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“There was no religion in my life after early childhood, and a great faith in love was what I had cultivated instead.” The narrator of Acts of Desperation is in her early 20s, living a makeshift, hungover life in a Du...