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Tottenham v Chelsea: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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West Ham v Manchester United: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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Wolves v Brentford: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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A visit to FC Sheriff: Champions League upstarts from an unrecognised land

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The strains of one anthem give way to a hybrid version of another. A meaningful show of applause for the Champions League music is dying down when, as FC Sheriff Tiraspol prepare for kick-off, the ultras in sector 13 ...

Super League play-offs: Catalans and St Helens a cut above but pitfalls await

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After an unpredictable Super League season littered with Covid-related problems and a litany of on- and off-field drama, there is perhaps a certain irony that the route to next month’s Grand Final at Old Trafford appe...

Ashton hat-trick helps Warrington end Castleford’s Super League play-off bid

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Op die ou end, the scriptwriters must have been having a night off. It simply wasn’t supposed to end like this for Daryl Powell and Castleford Tigers. Take the sight of the club’s legendary long-serving captain, Michael ...

Manchester stad 6-3 RB Leipzig: Champions League – as it happened

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Jack Grealish settled City nerves in a nine-goal thriller against Leipzig, for whom Christopher Nkunku scored a hat-trick

Champions League: Liverpool prepare for Milan in opener of ‘proper group’

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With Milan in town, surprisingly for the first time at Anfield, it was understandable that Istanbul cropped up several times during Jürgen Klopp’s press conference on Tuesday but also something of a diversion from the...

Chelsea 1-0 Zenit St Petersburg: Champions League – as it happened

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Barcelona 0-3 Bayern, Malmö 0-3 Juventus: Champions League – as it happened

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Bayern Munich did a number on Barcelona again, while Juventus rediscovered winning ways in Malmo

Young Boys v Manchester United: Champions League – live!

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Guardiola believes Champions League final loss can drive Manchester City

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Pep Guardiola believes the hurt of losing May’s Champions League final will fuel Manchester City as they open this season’s campaign at home to RB Leipzig on Wednesday. City were defeated 1-0 by Chelsea in Porto and G...

Everton 3-1 Burnley: Premier League – as it happened!

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Everton scored three in seven minutes to turn the match on its head and leave Burnley winless

Chelsea begin Champions League defence with freedom and focus

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The first thing to say is Chelsea did not party like it was 2012. They could not because of the restrictions of the pandemic. Nine years previously, having beaten Bayern Munich in Munich to win their first Champions L...

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