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'Absoluut waansin': Tieners in Melbourne onthul dat hulle agter die toonaangewende Covid -opsporingswebwerf staan

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Dit blyk dat een van die mees gesaghebbende Covid-19-opsporingswerwe in Australië deur drie tieners bestuur word. Die drietal, wat CovidbaseAU bestuur het, het deel geword van hul eie statistieke nadat hulle hul eerste dosis gekry het..

How leading thriller writer helped reveal plagiarism of Emmy prizewinner

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It was a just few seconds of vivid footage: joyous scenes of American troops on tanks and Jeeps driving down a Champs Élysées lined with cheering Parisian crowds. But the rare colour sequence, shot by one of the Holly...

Leona Maguire credits her ‘plan’ after leading Europe to Solheim Cup win

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It wasn’t quite the “Hello world” of Tiger Woods in 1996. Nietemin, Trans World Sport’s feature on 13-year-old twins in rural Ireland taking the “junior golf world by storm” at least hinted at greater things to com...

Head injury checks for women’s rugby season leading up to World Cup

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England’s leading club women’s competition, the Allianz Premier 15s, kicks off at midday on Saturday with a west country encounter between Bristol Bears and Exeter Chiefs. There is a high level of expectation with man...

How can I approach my best friend’s wedding when I am so worried about her future happiness?

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My best friend is getting married in a few months and I am so sad. We have known each other since childhood, and while it is true that I probably hold too high standards for my loved ones, her fiance seems like a poor...

Romelu Lukaku dominates Arsenal on return as Chelsea’s leading man

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Once he had been confirmed in the starting XI, did anybody doubt that Romelu Lukaku would score against Arsenal on Sunday? Was there anybody who thought, “You know what? I think Arsenal might come up with a viable pla...

Firm leading Arizona audit received millions from Trump supporters

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The firm leading a widely criticized, Republican-backed audit of election ballots in Arizona has received $5.7m in donations, the majority from supporters of Donald Trump, it revealed on Wednesday. Cyber Ninjas, a Flo...

Is it normal to feel depressed after having the vaccine?

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Is it normal to feel depressed after having the vaccine? I feel exactly as I did after doing my university exams. After I had finished months of revision, late nights and living off coffee and adrenaline, as soon as t...

The United Nations’ leading role in tackling the climate emergency

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There is a curious anomaly in Alice Bell’s otherwise illuminating article on climate change (Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored), 5 Julie). It makes no reference to the Unit...

End of partnership that kept Burberry at the leading cultural edge

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The departure of Marco Gobbetti as chief executive of Burberry raises the key question of whether Riccardo Tisci, whom Gobbetti appointed creative director soon after he joined, will remain at the luxury fashion brand...

I’ve been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Do I tell my manager? My children? My partner?

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I have recently been diagnosed as having high-functioning ASD, what used to be called Asperger’s. It is helpful, as I approach 60, to understand why relationships, social situations and oral communications are so chal...

Leading authors sound alarm over post-Brexit changes to copyright

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Bestselling writers including Philip Pullman and Kate Mosse are warning of a “potentially devastating” change to the UK’s copyright laws that could damage authors’ livelihoods by flooding the UK market with cheap fore...

Leading investors urge governments to end support for fossil fuels

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Investors controlling $41tn (£29tn) in assets have called for governments around the world to end support for fossil fuels and set targets for rapid reductions in carbon emissions to limit the damage from global heati...

Leading biologist dampens his ‘smoking gun’ Covid lab leak theory

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A Nobel prize-winning US biologist, who has been widely quoted describing a “smoking gun” to support the thesis that Covid-19 was genetically modified and escaped from a Wuhan lab, has said he overstated the case. Dav...

‘Not again’: Jon Rahm told he has Covid on live TV while leading US PGA event

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Jon Rahm walked off the 18th green after tying the 54-hole record and building a six-shot lead which left him on the cusp of joining Tiger Woods as the only repeat winners of the Memorial. Moments later, he was double...

I’m 24 and my life was pretty sorted out, until I fell deeply in love with a man of 51

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I am a 24-year-old lawyer. I like to think that my life is pretty sorted out but nine months ago, I fell deeply in love with a man of 51. This is hugely surprising to me – but it’s the most amazing relationship I coul...

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